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The 10 best FREE apps for Android in 2022

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Are you looking for some android apps that can improve your productivity, increase your creativity, and more? Then check out our list of the best FREE apps for android and get the best according to your need.

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Android tablets and phones are technical wonders that delight, let you work from any place, and keep you connected with friends, family, and coworkers. With the proper application, you can convert your humble cell or slate into a mobile movie multiplex, workstation, art canvas, and so much more. Unfortunately, finding the best FREE apps for android is quite a bit of a challenge.

There’s a huge number of apps available to download from the Google Play Store, but which ones are worth their accuracy? We’ve created this list to help you find worthwhile apps, so read on: You may find something you didn’t even know you required.

From free movie streaming to productivity, photo editing to video editing and even you’ll find some software that will help you secure and protect your device from unnecessary activity. We didn’t omit iPhone and iPad users. For the iOS faithful, check out our list of the best iPhone apps to use in 2022.

The best FREE apps for android in 2022

We have created a list of the best free apps for android to learn, explore, experience, and entertain. Each suggested app is perfect in its own way and most of them are free to download. And all the apps mentioned in this list you’ll find in the Google Play Store. So, enjoy it. and let us know which is your favorite app out of this list.

01. Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpaper - The best FREE live wallpaper app for android

The best FREE live wallpaper app for android

Kicking off the list of best free apps for android with “Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpaper”. This android app offers a unique feature that you won’t be able to get in any other live wallpaper app. “Chroma Galaxy” is the first live wallpaper application for mobile devices – offering stunning high-quality fluid live wallpaper that is in 4k. The best feature of this wallpaper app is that all the wallpapers are made by hand with fluid ink and paint. 

If you own an ultra-high-resolution screen, then you’re looking forward to a beautiful experience. As these live wallpapers will be able to blend into your screen. 

If you’re satisfied with the wallpapers you have seen, you can pay to unlock other app features – Meaning you will have a total of more than 250 live wallpapers to choose from across 16 categories. It’s a great live wallpaper app whether you download it for free or pay for the full features.

02. Net Monster

The best 5G Tower hunter app for android

The next app on our list of the best free apps for Android is Net Monster. We all know that 5G is rolling out in select Cities by different mobile operators. And if you are someone who has been checking if there is a 5G tower near you; Then this app will help you.

In NetMonster, you can view connected towers and view information about nearby cell towers. You can select map view and it will show you towers near you. You can even change the technology to see only 4g and 5g towers. And thus you can check if there is any 5G tower near you. So in short this is a very good app to find cell tower information and also know if you are going to get a 5G in your location.

03. MarinDeck

MarinDeck - The best Twitter alternative app for android

The best Twitter alternative app for android

Next up we have “MarinDeck” which is for all of you Twitter users out there. An enterprising developer brought TweetDeck back on android to live with Marindeck. 

At first, the app was only available in Japanese but after some attention, the developer eventually released an English patch. Sure “MarinDeck” isn’t actually a revival of TweetDeck. But a clone that gets close and it offers an excellent gallery view to boost. So if you have Been missing TweetDeck all these years perhaps “MarinDeck” will fill that void.

04. FoxBit Icons

FoxBit Icons

The best icon customization app for android

Next up we have “FoxBit Icons” which is versatile and one of the best customization FREE apps for android. The app comes with more than 1500+ icons, 40+ wallpapers, and a dynamic calendar that is compatible with almost all the launchers.

You get cartoonish style icons that are crafted in different flat-styled icons which are filled with radiant colors. The icons have a unique shape that is coupled with different colored textures which makes this app different from the usual ones.

The colorful icons, soft shadows, and high-quality design give an innocent look to your device. But it’s the simple and plain look that set it apart from other android icon packs and themes.

05. Wide launcher

Wide launcher - The best free launching app for android

The best free launching app for android

Next up we have the “Wide launcher” which is a unique application that expands on the traditional concept of existing launchers for your android device. It instead expands the home screen 3x wide thus providing you more space to arrange your items on the screen.

The application will allow you to design pallets along with applets to efficiently utilize your device allowing you to decorate the entire home screen with icons, wallpapers, stickers, and more. It also offers various decorative features completely free including more than 300 wide wallpapers, 200 decorative stickers, 200 picture frame options, and 200 diverse applications. On top of all that, Wide launcher is a completely ad-free application.

06. Light meter

The best FREE apps for android

The next app on our list is Light Meter. Have you ever wondered how much light is right for you in your room or other areas of the home? Then with the help of this app, you can see the light intensity Which is very important because it affects health and work efficiency. So you need to know the current brightness level in your environment.

So in the app, it shows you the illuminance units of LUX and Fc and here you can see the recommended LUX value in different environments. And you can adjust the light and brightness accordingly. Apart from that, if you are a photographer then you can use this lux meter for your videos and photos. Overall we found this free tool very helpful and you can see the correct brightness level with it.

07. NothingbutWallpapers

NothingbutWallpapers - The best  FREE live wallpaper app for android

The best FREE live wallpaper app for android

NothingbutWallpapers” is one of the best FREE apps for android which is an entirely free wallpaper app. It’s the ideal choice for people who want handpicked color codes and themes. The app comes with more than 500 wallpapers and it’s also constantly updated to include new designs and ideas.

The benefit of using this app is that it’s easy to use and incorporates hundreds of handcrafted wallpaper designs. The app also ensures that all the wallpapers are available in 4k high resolution. The application offers 8+ different categories and various designs arranged excellently.

The wallpaper categories include Abstract, Minimal, AMOLED, Bay Still, Dark, Gradient, and Pattern. Overall the app combines functionality with convenience and a user-friendly interface that makes the entire process quick easy and beneficial.

08. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor - The FREE video editing app for android

The FREE video editing app for android

Next up we have “VN Video Editor”, which is one of the free video editing apps for android. Whether you are a beginner or a professional VN Video Editor is the best choice if you are looking for a reliable powerful and functional video editor.

The app is ideal for creating videos for social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This software offers plenty of multi-tracking editing features – provides a full view and can edit and efficiently create videos precisely.

You can also add music, text, images, or a video clip in the video at any instance as per your requirements. The professional features of the app include a multi-layer timeline curve, speed, mask, keyframe animation, chroma key, etc – and a green screen editing feature along with sharing options.

There are also fantastic video effects available including altering the video speed freely, several transitions between the video footage, providing support for importing the alerts filter, and using avatar as a clip editor.

09. Volume

The best FREE apps for android

If you’re searching for an app that provides you with an impeccable and curated reading experience then “Volume” is the best choice for it. The app provides the best bit-size content under the platform and offers an immersive reading capability.

The most notable feature is its algorithm which creates a curated and handpicked content list for you. The app’s algorithm works with editors and designers to ensure something is available for your purpose.

Each story article and everything else you read is chosen to provide you with the best reading experience. You can also create profiles and subscribe to different sources. It is beneficial to always see what your friends are reading by following them. 

Another massive benefit of the app is that it allows you to create a reading habit by offering a pie chart that tells you the topics you have read the most. The overview can help you subconsciously understand what you like to read the most. You can also become a creator and collaborate with other users whether writers, editors, or designers.

10. Caffeine

The best icon customization app for android

The last app on our list of best free apps for android is “Caffeine” which is an app that keeps your screen on for as long as you want. Android doesn’t offer an easy way to keep the screen on for the past 10 minutes. So if you would like to use a tablet as a display, tossing caffeine on there will ensure you can keep the screen as long as you want without the need to tap the screen to keep it awake.

It’s a simple purpose-built utility and just like on Linux, it’s pretty useful on android. Just keep in mind that the app shows up as a tile for your status bar pull-down. So you won’t see it in your app drawer once it’s installed.

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