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The 10 best free PC games (Upcoming) to play in 2022

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Do you love to explore and experience NEW Online PC Games? Then check out our list of the best free PC Games and find your next according to your Gaming tests.

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Are you tired of playing old online games and looking for the best free PC games? If so, then this article is for you. You’re going to see a list of free online games; along with some important information, instructions, suggestions, and guidance about each best free PC game. Our main goal is to find your next game according to your Gaming tests, choices, and more.

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This list included the battle-royale-style game “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt” which is one of the best free pc games. Not only “Overprime” a MOBA-style game; but “The Cycle: Frontier” an FPS player-versus-player-versus-enemy-style game is also on this list, and the “Gangstar New York” is available for iOS and Android. So without further ado, take a deep look into it and choose yours.

The 10 best free pc games in 2022

Before continuing this new free games list, we wanted to make an important announcement that most of the best free pc games can be played on mobile. So, feel free to check out and choose your next best game for your PC, Laptop, Mobile, Xbox, or PS5. And don’t forget to tell us by commenting below which one you choose or which game should be on this list.

01. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt:

Vampire_ The Masquerade - Bloodhunt - The best free pc games (Battle-royale-style)

The best free pc games (Battle-royale-style)

Bloodhound” is one of the best free PC games. This is yet another “Vampire: The Masquerade” game, which has kind of been having a bit of a resurgence in popularity lately with titles. But most specifically, the upcoming “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2,” the main game which we’re looking forward to.

But in the meantime, hopefully, this thing can keep us busy. It’s a free-to-play battle-royale-style game set in this universe. The combat’s pretty chaotic; and the maps have a lot of verticality to them, it’s just got some good old vampire horror-action gore. It did have an early access period last year; but the full launch is coming in spring 2022, We’re going to jump in on either PC or PS5. Overall, “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt” is one of the best free PC games to play on your PC.

02. ARC Raiders

ARC Raiders - The best free pc games (Tried-person shooter)

The best free pc games (Tried-person shooter)

In 2nd position, we have “ARC Raiders“ in our list of best free PC games. “ARC Raiders” is a third-person shooter; set in an alternate future where a mechanical force puts humanity under constant attack. It sounds super generic on paper. But the trailer blew our minds. It looks cool and creative, even if the actual gameplay genre it falls into is pretty commonplace. Now, from what we’ve seen so far; the game is centering around a resistance group fending off these attacks, and then you have to scavenge items to help further progress.

Really, what piqued our interest? To be frank, was the look of the characters, some of the gameplay style, and the world design. The world looks pretty damn incredible, even if it’s not the main focus. Of course, the main focus is gonna be cooperative teamwork action. And to be completely honest; there are quite a few of these types of co-op shooters out there, but just judging from the early things we’ve seen so far.

ARC Raiders” is already looking pretty quality. It’s from Embark Studios. It’s a newer studio, a smaller studio, made up of a bunch of industry veterans. So hopefully, they know what they’re doing and they put their chops to the test with this new game; because when this style of game is good. It’s really good, and if a community embraces it, it can end up getting even better over time. As of right now, we don’t have a firm release date; but we do know it’s coming this year for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S.

03. Overprime

Overprime - The best free pc games (Third-person-shooter MOBA-style)

The best free pc games (Third-person-shooter MOBA-style)

If you enjoy MOBA games, “Overprime” seems like it’s worth keeping tabs on. That’s why we put it in the 3rd position on our list of free PC games. It’s a third-person shooter game, where players go through a 5v5 action combat all-out battle.

Players are going to assemble a team of specific heroes to kind of try to destroy each other’s bases. And of course, the game is gonna have the usual tropes from typical MOBA-style games. But again, it’s more of a third-person shooter action-oriented one, which we’ve seen before applied to the MOBA framework, but only a few have had real true success.

So we’re looking forward to seeing if “Overprime” can finally really figure it out. There are a bunch of different heroes you’re going to be able to choose from and they seem like they have a pretty big variety to them. Of course, they’re all gonna have their special abilities and make things more tactical. It’s also going to have a fully dedicated training mode where you can experiment and test out all the characters and the different maps, which is crucial because MOBAs have a learning curve sometimes. 

The developers promise that this game will be constantly updated with new heroes in the future. “Constantly” is their phrase, not mine. That’s pretty ambitious to be adding intense heroes like that in a game like this that requires a lot of balance. We’re excited to see if it goes down that way

04. MultiVerse

MultiVerse - One of our favorite free multiplayer PC games

One of our favorite free multiplayer PC games

There are a few platform fighters that are popular like “Brawlhalla”. People are still loving that and playing that, and the developers are still supporting it. But another game that is coming into the competition is “MultiVersus.” This is very much like a “Super Smash Bros.” type of thing.

Although, the setting and characters are just a mix of famous franchises from Warner Bros. And of course, it’s gonna have some free-to-play stuff. We’re hoping that that core gameplay is solid enough to warrant playing. On the one hand, with it being one of the best free PC games, it is pretty nice to hop in and try it.

You’re gonna be able to get your friends in on it to just hop in and play a match. I mean, who doesn’t wanna play as Shaggy from “Scooby-Doo” and punch Batman in the face? I don’t know. That sounds kind of appealing, especially if it’s free.

05. KartRider: Drift

KartRider_ Drift - The best free racing game for PC

The best free racing game for PC

The KartRider franchise believes it or not, is pretty underrating. It’s flown under the radar for quite a while, just because of how “Mario Kart” dominates everything, but the KartRider franchise has had a lot of success in Korea. People go nuts for it. 

With “KartRider: Drift,” you’re getting it on PC and Consoles, and you’re gonna have cartoonish, fun racing in wild, wacky maps that require some precision driving and drifting.

There are also gonna be power-ups in the field to engage with and of course, characters and karts are gonna be customizable. So that’s probably where you’re gonna end up seeing the free-to-play elements that are a little less desirable, but still, if that core gameplay is sweet, we’re in. It can be one of your next best free pc games if you love Racing.

06. ExoMecha

ExoMecha - The best free battlefield PC games

The best free battlefield PC games

At number six, we have “ExoMecha” in this free PC games list. As of right now, we have had a lot of gameplay trailers and it seems to have been making a buzz just because of what it is and how it looks. It seems like a mashup of a bunch of games like “Killzone,” “Halo,” and “Titanfall” with almost on-the-ground, boots-on-the-ground combat with troops with sci-fi weaponry.

While at the same time, the battlefield is also littered with giant almost Transformers and Power-Rangers-style mechs, some of them are dinosaurs. You’re gonna be able to hijack or use vehicles, and while it might just be a fun competitive first-person shooter. The actual style and the whole mech thing just make it that much more ambitious and help it stand out.

This is gonna be released on the Xbox platform and PC, and we’re gonna be jumping into this one, because if it’s even an inch like “Titanfall”, we’re gonna give it a shot. Because we’re still itching for “Titanfall 3”, and that seemingly isn’t gonna happen anytime soon, so we’ll take the next best mech thing.

07. Crowz

Crowz - The best new free first-person shooter PC game

The best new free first-person shooter PC game

Next, we have “Crowz,” and it’s spelled Crowz with a Z. But what this is is a competitive first-person shooter set in a world destroyed by meteorites, where countries pay factions of mercenaries to fight over very specific sought-after resources. It’s team-based in some pretty open environments with mission objectives and some customization.

The gameplay looks to be a little chaotic, with vehicles and cool weapons and explosions and stuff, but also a layer of some tactics, teamwork, and accuracy which we like.

It seems like it might have a smaller budget. At first glance, it might look like a knockoff “PUBG,” but if you just like this style of game and you’re looking for a bit of a change-up and to see how somebody else handles the formula, maybe “Crowz” will be a hit. It’s slated as coming soon.

08. Gangstar New York

Gangster New York - One of the best free multiplayer PC games

One of the best free multiplayer PC games

Gangstar New York” is an iOS and Android as well as a PC game. It’s gonna be available on Steam and it’s from Gameloft. Now, Gameloft of course is famous for having big-budget, over-the-top mobile games that kind of seem very derivative of console games. They have their own generic “Call of Duty,” and multiple “Grant Theft Auto” clones, but it looks to kind of step-up things a bit. because I mean just look at it onscreen here.

People have been able to get access to alpha and play through a lot of the game on PC, and it does look pretty and it seems like it’s a lot of fun. There’s a ton of freedom. It’s an open-world chaotic action game. You’re gonna be able to get a jet pack and just do all kinds of crazy stuff. There’s a good emphasis on stunts and racing through the New York streets.

Now, it’s probably gonna come with a lot of the mobile game-style, free-to-play trappings, and of course, it’s put on PC. But hey, sometimes you can’t beat just a quick and easy free open-world game.

09. Spine


The best free PC games (action-heavy cyberpunky-style)

Spine” is an action-heavy, cyberpunk-style game in a dystopian world where two factions are fighting for control. But they’re all powered by this Spine Technology. This tech that’s implanted literally into people’s spines to give them lightning-fast reflexes. 

You’re gonna be able to choose a character in a roster of characters that all have their different varieties. In terms of spine abilities and their fighting styles, It’s roughly going to be a three-versus-three type of game.

It looks to be pretty interesting, especially ’cause it’s releasing on all platforms. There’s melee combat, there’s ranged combat, there are some more cinematic-style camera angles, and we’re just hoping that it’s as cool as it looks. But you can’t trust trailers and stuff on their own. but if it’s free anyway and the bar to entry is low, we might end up trying these types of best free pc games.

10. The Cycle; Frontier

The Cycle_ Frontier - The best free PC games (FPS player-versus-player-versus-enemy-style)

The best free PC games (FPS player-versus-player-versus-enemy-style)

The Cycle: Frontier is an upcoming FPS player-versus-player-versus-enemy-style game. In it, players are taking the role of essentially a prospector and you’re traveling to this planet that has been abandoned because of hostile alien wildlife and deadly storms. So your goal is to drop down onto the planet and seek out resources and treasure. But of course, you’re gonna have to explore loot, and fight. Not only against the wildlife and harshness out there but also other players and characters that are also trying to get to the loot. 

The idea of the loop is you get enough loot and then you run an escape back to your ship, to then cash in on that loot to upgrade everything for your next journey. Interesting concept. It’s clearly taking and tweaking a bunch of different concepts from other games and mashing them together.

Interestingly enough, it’s being published and developed by YAGER, the folks behind “Spec Ops: The Line” and the underrated “Dreadnaught.” Because of their pedigree, we just kind of like the games they make, even if they don’t make many. we’re gonna keep an eye on this one.

The best free pc games FAQs

What is the best free game to play?

If you can’t find your next game above i the best free pc games list, here are some other options you can try out.
Genshin Impact
Apex Legends
Call of Duty Warzone
Final Fantasy 14

Final Thoughts

Those are some of the best free pc games worth keeping an eye on in 2022. Of course, there are usually a few surprises throughout the year, so we’ll keep you updated on those.

But hey, if you learned about a new game, maybe something that piqued your interest, all you got to do is share this article to show your appreciation. You can also give your feedback by commenting below.

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