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The best FREE Project Management Software in 2022

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Are you looking for a project management tool to boost your work productivity? Check out the best free project management software list and choose according to your need.

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If you’re not using any project management software before, we want you to picture this; you go into bed and you’ve got four important tasks to do; the next day you have a great dream; you wake up full of energy; start one task and before you know it, you’re interrupted. You get back to complete the task and then you move on to the second once again, you’re put off by a distraction. Two hours later you come back to complete the second task. The day ends and sadly you end up completing two tasks. Can you relate to this?

Productivity is something most of us struggle with these days. So, we’ll be discussing some of the best project management software that can help you to improve your time management skills, accomplish more in a day, and become more productive. On a related note, what’s your number one tip for staying productive? What tools do you use and recommend?

Top 3 project management software

In this article, you’ll get to know about the best project management software that you need to use if you’re a digital marketer, running a small business, or a content writer.  Nowadays there are a lot of options to find the exact applications according to your need. 

If you’re a video editor, you can use a free video editor or choose the best video editing software. Even free photo editing software will also help you improve your photo editing skills. Whether you’re looking for the best photo editor or some other productivity apps, we have got you covered.

I. Monday.com

Monday.com is a cloud-based project management software that not only saves your time but as well as communicates and manages workloads. The app comes with a lot of stunning features such as color-coded boards to check the progress of every project whenever you need to.

II. Evernote

Evernote is a multitasking software with a smooth interface; that arranges your thoughts in one place. From uploading files, recording audio and even snapping them, Evernote is full of advanced features making it one of the best project management software.

I. Monday.com

If you’re a Digital marketer, ten Zapier can be your best project management solution for automation and integrations between apps. With its easy-to-use interface and a lot of advanced features, it can save a lot of time.

What is the main benefit of using project management software?

There are several benefits to using different types of project management solutions. One of the most common and accountable advantages of a project management tool is it lets you track the ups or downsides of your business. It is important and also necessary to track the progress of the project through every single stage. This helps to pinpoint the risks and even controls any form of potential crisis.

Is project management software necessary?

If you want to work smarter rather than harder, then a project management solution is necessary. A project management tool is useful because it allows you to keep track of tasks and see them against the backdrop of the entire project. You will better be able to see how they relate to the bigger picture and how they affect other tasks that have yet to be done, become a work in progress, or completed

The best project management software in 2022

Now that you know the importance and advantages of using a project management tool, it’s time to take a deep look into each of those and find out how they can help you and your project.

We have come up with the 11 best productivity apps in the current year. In this list below, you’ll find some different apps that can not only save time but also will give you an extra boost to your workflow.

01. Monday.com

Monday.com - A finest cloud-based project management software

A finest cloud-based project management software

The number one app on our list of the best project management software is monday.com. It doesn’t get better than monday.com when it comes to productivity apps. It’s a cloud-based project management app; that takes all the stress out of the way teams communicate and manage workloads.

With more and more companies embracing remote work these days; it’s not surprising that this kind of collaboration app is getting a lot of attention. As you’d expect, monday.com comes with a range of excellent features that make project management hassle-free.

For instance, it sports color-coded boards allowing you to check the progress of every project whenever you need to. The boards also help you to know which tasks are completed and which tasks team members are stuck on. The boards also feature pulses that aid organized communication. The pulses can include file attachments and comments. Users can choose to either send a message to the whole team or specific people.

In a very unique move by the company, monday.com also allows you to carry your clients along. With the invite clients’ feature; you can invite clients to view a specific board and monitor their project’s progress.

In general, monday.com is an incredible app that makes collaboration effortless. With its customizable workflows and highly visual scheduling interface, the app easily adapts to the unique needs of every team.

02. ClickUp

ClickUp - An easy project management software for faster data tracking

An easy project management software for faster data tracking

The next best project management software on our list is ClickUp. Like monday.com click up is another great project management app that has gotten a lot of attention lately. It’s a cloud-based app and comes with excellent features and tools to help you complete tasks in a visible, accessible, and efficient way.

For faster tracking and better understanding; ClickUp gives you multiple views to check work data and items. You have a box view, board view, list view, and Gantt view for viewing dashboards, workflow, to-dos, and project schedules respectively.

You can either communicate with individuals or with the whole team. Also, can generate customizable or ready-to-use reports and securely share information. The app also aids time management allowing you to easily create schedules, manage capacity, track time, and organize calendars.

03. Slack

Slack - The best project management software for collaboration and communication

The best project management software for collaboration and communication

Next up in 3rd position, we’ve got slack in our list of best project management software. There’s no way that you’ve never heard of slack. Valued at over 20 billion dollars, the unicorn company is one of the fastest-growing companies of all time. It’s not surprising that big corporations like Oracle, Airbnb, and target utilize the app regularly.

It’s such a great productivity booster and it takes all the stress out of remote collaboration. The app organizes all your work communications neatly making it easy. To find past conversations and start new ones; you can create channels for different projects clients, departments and colleagues can jump into conversations as required.

Once a member is no longer involved in a conversation, they will stop getting notifications about it. Slack also lets you share documents, gifs, and even video chat. Being a messaging application, slack works both asynchronously and in real-time; making it suitable for all remote work and hybrid environments.

Slack was designed to create a dynamic working environment and it does perfectly. The tour also offers multiple uses for different platforms which throws in some flexibility.

04. Todoist

Todoist - The best multifunctioning project management software

The best multifunctioning project management software

The fourth spot we’ve got Todoist is a multifunctional app that keeps things smooth and efficient. With a neat interface, Todoist is one of the best project management software around. It features an incredible natural language engine that easily transforms a jotted-down thought; or idea into a recurring; or one-off task shared projects, color-coded priority levels, and progress recording productivity graphs.

This app is also integrated with powerful apps like IFTTT, slack, and drop box; which more advanced users greatly appreciate. There are also extra editions like quick add; to quickly add important items and sections for organizing your to-dos and projects in groups. it doesn’t stop there; the upcoming view feature also lets you easily visualize the tasks that you have scheduled for later dates.

While the app’s smartphone version is perfect for quick and small tasks; the desktop version offers the best experience in a larger space; which means you can see more tasks. As the app is free, premium plans give you extra access to extra features for just $3.99 per month.

05. Evernote

Evernote - The best project management software for multitasking

The best project management software for multitasking

In the fifth position, it’s Evernote. Looking for a great tool that can help you to arrange your thoughts in one place; you can’t look further than Evernote. With this app, you can capture your notes using various methods by jotting them down. uploading files, recording audio and even snapping them.

What’s more, Evernote also allows you to search through different file types that you have collected. And even images that have the words you have searched will be registered. You can also create checklists and mark tasks that have been completed and tag notes with keywords to put them in different categories and find them more easily.

Evernote comes with a syncing feature so that you can view notes saved on multiple devices. This is especially convenient if you get a sudden or out-of-the-blue idea and thoughts that you’d like to access anywhere. So, whether you’re on the computer, at the office, or using your smartphone on the bus; you can always read your notes. The app has a free basic plan but the more advanced features are understandably reserved for the premium plan.

06. RoboForm

RoboForm - The best project management software for password protecting

The best project management software for password protecting

Taking the sixth spot on this list of best project management software is RoboForm. Managing your passwords can be a struggle these days, but that’s where password managers like RoboForm can be useful. RoboForm helps you handle everything about passwords; from creating them, and storing them to retrieving them whenever you need to.

With how difficult it can be to keep up with your passwords in the modern world you can’t do without a tool like RoboForm. Each time you create a new password; they are instantly made available across your devices. So no matter which device you are using, RoboForm will fill in your details and get you into your online accounts.

The tool can also store and remember other details like your credit card details, your home address, and your vehicle’s information which allows it to help you fill out forms online. The tool also lets you share login securely, so if you’re looking to give your friend access to your Netflix; you can easily do that.

You can also trust RoboForm to keep your information and passwords safe as it protects your data using AES 256-bit encryption. Also, RoboForm has apps for all the major platforms like windows macOS, iOS, and android.

07. Trello

Trello - The best project management software for data organizing, managing, and sharing

The best project management software for data organizing, managing, and sharing

Next up we have Trello as our best project management software. Trello is an excellent service for organizing managing and sharing. Stuff from simple tasks to major projects, it’s easy to get started on Trello. As it’s basically about dragging different cards across the board. Different cards represent different tasks with deadlines and priorities attached.

However, cards can also have checklists pictures files, and hyperlinks that lead to somewhere else. There’s an entire library of custom card power-ups that let you integrate different third-party applications into your workflow.

Examples of third-party services you can incorporate are google docs, box, gypsy, EverNote, Hangouts, Github, OneDrive, slack, SurveyMonkey, Mailchimp, and they’re going to be so much more. Trello also provides fast real-time updates which are great for collaborative purposes. The service also comes with a bunch of collaboration tools and a host of clever features that make sure it’s user-friendly.

08. Surfshark

Surfsharlk - A free project management software security protection

A free project management software security protection

Now we have Surfshark in the eighth position as the best project management software as well as one of the best free VPNs. I know some of you are going to argue that Surfshark is not a productivity tool. We believe it enhances productivity and workflow in a couple of unique ways.

So, hear us out, for instance, Surfshark helps you to unblock geo-restrictions. So, if you ever need to access blocked content while working; you can use surf shark to easily access such content. In addition, Surfshark protects your privacy and data using the strongest encryption in the world. Thereby preventing intruders from having access to sensitive data or information related to your work or your personal life.

Besides this tool can also help you to avoid bandwidth throttling. Sometimes an ISP intentionally slows down your internet speed but with the help of Surfshark; you can reverse this effect resulting in increased productivity at work. Impressively surf shark is available on the most popular operating systems. So, whether you’re on your computer or your android phone you can always take advantage of its benefits.

09. Be Focused

Be-focused - The best time and project management software

The best time and project management software

Be focused, I’m telling you to be focused because Be Focused sits in the ninth position in our best project management software journey. Different people work differently; while some people like completing their tasks without breaks; others prefer to work best when they have intermittent breaks.

If you fall into the latter category, Be Focused is an application that you’d like to have. The app utilizes the Pomodoro technique to help you to be productive. It also helps users to remain focused by letting them manage their assignments or tasks to set break durations and work interval durations.

You can customize everything to your taste while keeping an eye on your progress and objectives all throughout the day. It comes with well-thought-out features. For instance, It lets you pause your timer in the event of interruptions and upon finishing the task you’re working on. There’s a checkmark that you can click to complete the task and automatically load the next task. The only downside is that it only supports mac and ios.

10. Buffer

Buffer - The best social media management software

The best social media management software

Buffer is a multi-service social media manager that allows professionals to create plans and monitor the performance of their posts on social media. Scheduling is super easy and flexible as users can set up different post times for every social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even Instagram.

Buffer also doesn’t force users to schedule or manage posts individually. If you create posts in your ledger time, they will be added to the queue; and Buffer will automatically publish them according to the schedule that you’ve created for each account.

The productivity tool also comes with extras like RRS support which allows you to share content from your preferred websites with only a click. Buffer also has detailed analytics that tracks metrics like shares, retweets, likes, clicks, shares, and more. This helps you to understand better what kind of post works for you. It also gives you clues on how to increase your futures reach.

11. Zapier

Zapier - The best project management software for automation and integration between other apps

The best project management software for automation and integration between other apps

Zapier allows users to create automation and integrations between apps that normally wouldn’t communicate. For instance, you can instruct Zapier to download the attachments in every new mail in Gmail, to a folder on dropbox and then alert you through slack; that’s pretty cool.

More impressively you can build all these automation and integrations with only a couple of clicks. You don’t have to be a computer guru or a coding expert; just choose your preferred business software and start customizing workflows.

Since Zapier works with over 1500 tools, your favorite apps are likely to be included. With this amazing tool handling your repetitive tasks like data entry; you could save hours every day and become more productive. However, the app costs money depending on the kind of features you’d like to have access to.

But there is a 14-day free trial; so, you can exploit that to test the waters. The only significant catch with Zapier is that it offers no mobile apps.

The technological age comes with many possibilities but there is no denying that the mind-blowing invention we enjoy today causes a lot of distractions. To ensure you stay as productive as possible consider downloading some of the productivity applications that we’ve reviewed in this article. No matter who you are or what you do we’ve included something for everyone.


Which is the best project management software?

As there are thousands of project management tools available on the internet, it’s hard to choose one for the best. It basically depends on the type of project you’re working on.

What is project management software for?

Project Management Software is a tool used by a broad range of industries for project automation, planning, resource allocation, and scheduling. It not only helps project managers but entire teams to track their funding, quality leadership, and all documentation exchanged throughout a project.

Is Excel a project management tool?

Of course, Excel is one of the most used simple project management tools. Even Microsoft Excel is frequently used as a powerful tool by project owners or managers working on small- or mid-sized projects to help visualize, plan, and monitor progress.

How do I choose a project management system?

There are some important you must watch out for before choosing the best project management system.
1. Budget.
2. Security.
3. Integration options.
4. Team size and potential for the tool to scale with you.
5. Permissions and review/approvals capabilities.
6. Guest access needs.
7. File storage capacity.

What are the 5 types of project management?

Here are seven of the most popular types of project management currently available to work with.
1. Waterfall project management.
2. Lean project management.
3. Agile project management.
4. PRINCE2 project management.
5. Scrum project management.
6. Six Sigma project management.
7. Kanban project management.

Final Thought

Assuming that after following the best project management tools list full of informative information, suggestion, and recommendation, you have got yours according to your need.

Do you have an opinion or any suggestions about our picks for the best project management software for 2022? Then please tell us in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this article with others to show your appreciation for Anto’s Web.

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