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The best FREE VPN services in 2022

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You’ll find all kinds of Windows VPNs on the internet. Some free ones promise excellent security and fantastic performance, while others could cost your personal data and privacy. You’ll usually have to sweat to find a truly free VPN for PC, but now you don’t have to because Anto’s Web is going to ease your search for the best VPN for your device

In this article, you will get to know about the dangers to expect from free VPN services, a few trustworthy recommendations for the best free VPN for Windows, and why these free VPNs are not like others.

Why should you be careful when choosing a free VPN?

All VPN service providers call themselves free, don’t they? Well, you should be careful about the free VPN for Windows you go for. The reasons behind being careful when choosing a free VPN are –

  1. Some of them resort to selling your data for money. 
  2. Some of you might have experienced wearing yourself out with countless ads. 
  3. Others even go as far as injecting spyware stealing the very data they swore to protect. 

That’s how they keep their business afloat, and that ain’t good for any users.

The Best free VPN services in 2022

If you’re still hellbent on getting a free unlimited VPN for Windows, here’s some good news. Some paid VPNs have free versions. Let’s call them freemium VPNs. I prefer this lot because they don’t have to scramble around for money. Revenue from the paid premium versions fuels their free campaigns. So let’s continue by starting our list of best free VPNs for Windows 11.

01. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN - The best VPN for Gaming

best free VPN for Windows or Mac users

The first example of such a VPN service is Atlas VPN. Atlas VPN is a great Windows 11 VPN, offering essential protection with an armament packed full of security and privacy features. Atlas VPN uses the WireGuard tunneling protocol to deliver you a network of servers. It is designed for ease of use, high-speed performance, and a low attack surface. It also leverages the Chacha20 algorithm to protect the integrity of your data. Being freemium Atlas VPN contains no ads and it doesn’t creep your Windows PC making it a great Windows 11 free VPN. 

And if you ever use Atlas with an unstable internet connection, its kill switch will prevent IP leaks. A proper no logs policy is quite tough to come by in a free VPN for Windows. But Atlas VPN sticks to its guns despite having its headquarters in the US. However, as a free version, you should expect some downsides. Hare are they –

Atlas VPN only allows access to three servers. One in the Netherlands and two in the United States. Besides, you cannot use more than 10 gigabytes of bandwidth in a month on Atlas. And despite being limited to just three servers, Atlas VPN maintains blazing speed, fast enough for daily browsing and even YouTube with no lags. This free version won’t let you watch Netflix or other geo-restricted streaming services. It also excludes SafeBrowse, SafeSwap, and other advanced security features.

02. Windscribe


The best free VPN for iPhone, iPad, or Android users

Windscribe is a Canadian-based VPN service provider with many satisfied users. Canada is a member of the Five Eyes Alliance but this does not stop Windscribe from keeping a watertight, no logs policy. If you’re looking for the best VPN for iPhone, iPad, or android devices, Windscribe may be your best bet. 

That’s a lot of claims for one service and let’s see if Windscribe is worth the hype. Once regarded as the best free VPN in the industry, Windscribe has long been the go-to option for many security-conscious individuals. Windscribe secures your data using WireGuard, designed using Chacha20 encryption. Although free, its skill switch mechanism prevents IP leaks making it virtually impregnable during network fluctuations.

Windscribe allows access to 10 countries for free more than any other free VPN has to offer. It has cross-platform compatibility and delivers incredible network speed. Unfortunately, you have to pay to access the bulk of Windscribe security features. For instance, Windscribe’s remote omnidirectional badware eliminating robotic tool or R.O.B.E.R.T.. for short can block specific IP addresses and domains of all devices connected to your Windscribe app. R.O.B.E.R.T. also prevents tracking, blocks ads, helps you burn fewer data and other vital settings like location warp and time warp are absent on freemium Windscribe. 

like Atlas VPN, Windscribe’s monthly bandwidth is capped at 10 gigabytes and you no longer can access streaming platforms. Seriously though, it’s not that bad anyway, but if you’re not done hunting for the best free VPN service for Windows 2022, Anto’s Web has got one more for you.

03. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN-The-best-free-VPN-for -PC-or-Laptop

The best free VPN for PC or Laptop

Would be a crime if I didn’t tell you about ProtonVPN, I mean you’re looking for the best free VPN service for Windows 2022 and ProtonVPN just stands out for me. It was designed by the same group of nerds that created ProtonMail. I’ll call ProtonVPN the jack and master of fall trades with its high security and performance standards. 

ProtonVPN is a great free VPN for Windows 11 and others, as it deploys the WireGuard protocol for tunneling. It equally works with a

The chacha20 encryption algorithm also has a kill switch to prevent IP leaks. ProtonVPN has its headquarters in Switzerland, a privacy-friendly country. However, it only supports three countries.

Did I forget to mention that ProtonVPN is open-source? It’s the property of the people, which is good news for security and privacy. ProtonVPN operates under a strict no-logs policy, even though Anto’s Web recommends it as a free VPN for Windows 11. It can work on older Windows versions and other operating systems as well. 

The problem as usual ProtonVPN’s most powerful features are for premium users, and Netflix and most of the others just don’t wanna see Proton. Anyway, ProtonVPN makes up for its weaknesses by offering unlimited bandwidth, something you’ll struggle

to see everywhere else. So you can sit back, browse away, and stream videos all day because It’s unlimited. If you’re still not satisfied with these free versions, you can go to the premium versions.

Are you stuck deciding which is best for you?

let me help you. Atlas VPN has the most robust security. Windscribe has the most servers and it’s terrific for tunneling. And if you’re just looking for unlimited bandwidth, ProtonVPN is the all-rounder that has it in abundance. 

So that’s it in this article about the best free VPNs for any PC included with Windows 11, Windows 10, or older version. Have you made up your mind yet? Let us know in the comments section, don’t forget to share this article so that like you, others can be part of Anto’s Info Hub.

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