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If you're a Mac Gamer or streamer, Follow this guide about the best tips on Optimizing your Mac for Gaming and experiencing the ultimate performance on your MacBook.

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How to improve Gaming performance on a Mac is one of the most common questions for every Macbook user. If you’re using your best gaming mac, follow our guide about the best tips and tricks on optimizing your Mac for gaming – to put change and maximize your macOS experience.

MacBook may not be the first choice for a few of the upcoming games or multi-player games because of the OS issue. But there are thousands of games for mac that are available on the internet to explore. And a perfect gaming MacBook can let you try or play every game you want to.

The best tips and tricks on optimizing your Mac for Gaming

As optimizing your Mac for gaming is one of the important questions on the internet, there are several ways and methods to follow too. And we are going to show you exactly how to optimize your Mac for gaming with important information, recommended suggestions, guidance, and more.

And most importantly all the tips and tricks you’ll find below are totally free, so you won’t have to worry about money. Just follow each and every step carefully and you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. So say goodbye to your macOS, gaming, or other issues and optimize your Mac by yourself.

01. Free up space for games

It’s no more a secret that Games consume gigabytes. So, it’s wise to make sure that your hard drive has enough space to download and play a game. “Apple” always recommends their customers carry an extra 25GB of free hard disk space to play after downloading the game.

That’s why our first tip on optimizing your mac is to free up those unnecessary spaces. So, assuming you’ve got a standard device capability for any type of game and your knowledge about storage capacity is exceptionally good.

Free up space for games
  • The very first thing you need to do is to check your current hard drive storage capacity; Here’s how:
  • Select Apple Menu> About this Mac> Storage
  • On your opened storage window, you will get a cool overview of your Mac’s storage; To see what they represent, just hover over any color bar.
  • Now that you got an idea of what occupies your space, take some time to empty the following items:
  • Check and delete items from your Downloads folder
  • Remove old videos
  • Clear images or move them to an external hard drive

If you’re used to saving your file like me, checking through your Mac for forgotten files can be quite a mission. That’s why you need to use CleanMyMac X.

Do you know they have a module that shows Large and Old Files, which can detect and delete all your forgotten files as quickly as possible? This is time-saving and one of the most productive applications launched by Apple. So, here’s how to simply free up space for games –

  • Open CleanMyMac X.
  • Go to the left sidebar, then select the large and old files and press Scan.
  • Once the scan is done, wisely choose from the list of items to delete and tap on Remove.

02. Utilize Apple’s built-in optimization tool

Apple’s in-box optimization tool offers basic recommendations to increase your Mac performance through storage control. However, this won’t be the key to all your storage prayers, this only helps clear some space for games on your device. So, to use it – 

Utilize Apple's built-in optimization tool
  • Go to the Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage.
  • Then click the Manage Button.
  • In the sidebar, select Recommendations.

Here you’ll find 4 options to manage disk space. They’re relatively self-explanatory and simple, so follow the on-screen instructions.  

03. Remove all unused apps

Another important and effective tip on optimizing your Mac for gaming is to empty any unused or forgotten apps; these are actually taking valuable resources from your device, since you’re not using them, that’s space that could be optimized for gaming. To remove any unused app on your Mac – 

Remove all unused apps
  • Select a new Finder window.
  • Select Applications from the left sidebar.
  • Now go through and locate any apps you want to remove.
  • Right-click and select Move to Trash.
  • Don’t forget to empty your Trash Bin afterward.

04. Check for resource-heavy apps

It’s also smart enough to check if there are any apps you are running that are resource-hungry spaces; closing them down can also improve to keep your Mac optimized for gaming. Here’s how you can check any resource-heavy apps –

Check for resource-heavy apps
  • Open a Finder > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  • Select the CPU tab then, sort by %CPU.
  • Resource-draining apps will be at the top of the list; select an item and press the “X” to terminate it. 

05. Delete desktop clutter

Nowadays thanks to the stack feature, my desktop looks very tidy. This feature has been introduced in macOS Mojave (if you using an older macOS, unfortunately, this is not an option for you).

Stacks basically keep all files organized in groups neatly, reduce clutter, and help keep your Mac clean. After you activate stacks, whenever you save anything to your desktop, it will be automatically stored on the relevant stack.

So our 5th tip on optimizing your mac for gaming is to delete desktop clutter by using stacks. If you’re not familiar with this finest invention of Apple, Here’s how to use stacks: 

  • Click anywhere on your desktop> Use stacks.
  • Boom! That’s it!

06. Disable login items

Disable login items

Another cool way to optimize a Mac for gaming is to reduce its workload on startups. If a lot of apps load automatically when you turn on your Mac, this is one of the common activities for a slower Mac. Here’s how to manage your startup items –

  • Select Apple Menu > System Preferences > Users and Accounts.
  • Now, choose the Login Items tab and select your account.
  • Below in this window, tap the lock icon to change.
  • Search through the list of programs and remove any application by pressing “-“.

You can use the app that is mentioned earlier in this article, CleanMyMac X, to manage your login items and launch agents through their optimization module.  Here’s how this software helps on optimizing your Mac.

  • Open the app and select Optimization from the sidebar.
  • Press the View All Items button.
  • Search by login items and select items to remove
  • Then, go to Launch Agents and similarly, disable those you don’t need.

Final thoughts

By following our above steps on optimizing your MacBook for gaming, we hope you’ll get your solution. If you have any queries to know more about optimizing your mac, feel free to ask by commenting below. We will get back to you with your answer so that you can experience the ultimate gaming experience on your Mac.

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