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The best Xbox Series X games in 2022

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Do you love to play Xbox X series games? Then check out our list of the best Xbox series x games and find the ultimate RPG, horror, multiplayer, racing, FTP, and more types of games.

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The best Xbox Series X games take Microsoft’s console to new heights and provide a whole new gaming experience for both single and multiple players. The Xbox Series X is the most recent of Microsoft’s new consoles (The Series S has reduced processing capacity and lacks a disk drive), and as such, you’ll want to play the best games on it.

There has never been a better time to go to the Xbox Zone. Their recent activation buy-out has been announced, it will be a console exclusive for the next few years. If you don’t yet have a powerful Microsoft console, check out the best Xbox Series X deals nearby for the best Xbox prices. We’ve also listed the best laptop for gaming so you can play the way developers want.

Our list of the best Xbox Series X games is specific to whether you’re buying a competition; or looking for something to play on subscription services, like Microsoft’s Netflix – Xbox Game Pass. So, whether it’s Elden Ring Fantasy or Forza Horizon 5 Racing; this list will keep you hustling.

Top 3 Xbox Series X Games to play

1. Elden Ring

The Eiden Ring could be your best choice if you love to play fantasy RPG games. Its dark spicy gothic design assisted by the UX design of Elden Ring makes it the best Xbox Series X game.

2. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is one of the exceptionally ordinary Xbox Series X games in the current period. It can allow up to 24 players to run, shoot, drive, fly and swing anywhere they want on the well-planned map of the game.

3. Forza Horizon 5

Do you want to enjoy a new world of car racing? Play Forza Horizon 5, is one of the Thring racing games for the Fast and Furious generation allowing up to six players to explore stunning beauty.

The best Xbox Series X Games in 2022

Now it’s time to take a deep look into these Xbox Series X Games; That’s why we have created a list of the top 12 Xbox Games. You’ll find the necessary information to learn, suggestions to grow your gaming skills, recommendations to explore, and guidance to be a professional.

So whether you’re an RPG gamer, legacy player, racing fan, or multiplayer games, you’ll get murder puzzles, history buffs, horror, animation, and other types of Series S Games in this list.

01. Elden Ring


The best Xbox Series X game for fantasy RPG gamers

  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Developer: From Software
  • Number of players allowed: 1-4
Reasons to buy
  • Original and beautiful art direction.
  • A reinvention of open-world design.
  • George R.R. Martin created lore
Reasons to avoid
  • It is not very easy

The Eden Ring was created by Game of Thrones author George RR Martin and designed by Hidetaka Miyazaki of Dark Souls. The high-risk-and-reward gameplay of the Miyazaki-Sun Dark Souls series, where you die at the sight of a mistake, lose what you gained, and try again, adapting to open-world design.

It’s a huge and engaging action-role-playing game from the catalog behind Elder Scrolls’ Bones, Breath of the Wild Shadow of the Colossus, and Miyazaki-Sun. It is a challenging game, but perhaps its open world enables players to take their routes in a way that previous Miyazaki games did not.

The back of the gameplay has a stunning visual design. The world of Elden Ring is dark spicy gothic design and its characters and animals are always wonderful. The Elden Ring is assisted by the UX design of Elden Ring, which is quite rare and you want to explore its world. Like all fantasies, the world of Lands Between is haunting and beautiful, a place you’ll want to explore. So if you already watched Game of Thrones, then this game can be your favorite game in this best Xbox series X games list.

02. Resident Evil Village


The best Xbox Series X game for horror fans

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • The Number of players allowed: 1
Reasons to buy
  • Constantly beautiful to look at
  • Villains are over-the-top yet compelling
  • The village itself is great to explore
Reasons to avoid
  • Areas feel like they are over too quickly

Resident Evil Village The previous game Resident Evil VII: Ethan’s story unfolds a few years after Baker’s family ran away from the family at the end of the biohazard. The exact first-person gameplay returns, with avoidance from the third-person gameplay of the Resident Evil series.

In Resident Evil VII, the events and characters felt much more grounded, but things became gorgeous and supernatural here – when his baby was abducted after his wife was shot in front of him. Ethan is haunted by the Werewolf monster in that strange village and became a meme when the game was released in 2021, ruled by strangely powerful creatures like the extremely tall Vampire Lady.

Despite the Hammer Horror learnings, Resident Evil Village manages to be incredibly stimulating and horrifying as you are pushed through the village and its surrounding wild innovative areas. The snowy setting, which can sometimes be so dark, is beautiful and sentimental, and the monsters come into your mouth in such a way that you almost smell them.

03. Hitman 3


The best Xbox Series X games for murder-puzzles

  • Publisher: IO Interactive.
  • Developer: IO Interactive.
  • The number of players allowed: 1 (online leaderboards).
Reasons to buy
  • Hitman and Hitman 2’s levels return.
  • Many ways to replay every mission.
Reasons to avoid
  • Online required for tracking experience.

Part Murder Simulator, Part Puzzle Box, a masterpiece of each Hitman 3-level game design. The non-player character is full of their business and multiple areas of security, relying on Agent 47 to infiltrate, kill his villainous target, and exit without being identified. Well, ideally, that. However, of course, you can go loud, carry them from a distance with a sniper rifle, or throw a fish at them.

From the bombings in disguise to the setup of the Rube Goldberg-Esc crash, everything in Hitman 3 is a fair game. Skills increase over time and over time, driving for new approaches. Each stage is so dense that you can spend a lot of time exploring the details of each map, uncovering small aspects of the world design that bring the stage to life.

If you own previous Hitman games, you can add the old layers to this new version; which comes with all the bells and whistles that you might expect from one of the best Xbox series X games – all the old layers have been refreshed with a coat of paint; New texture, and improved frame rate.

04. Halo Infinite


The best Xbox Series X game for legacy players

  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios.
  • Developer: 343 Industries.
  • The number of players allowed: 1-24.
Reasons to buy
  • Multiplayer is free for everyone.
  • The open world is well-designed.
Reasons to avoid
  • It lacks some of the set-piece flairs of the Bungie originals.

Halo Infinite is the newest installment in the famous sci-fi shooter series. Now available for the Xbox Series X, this latest entry takes open-world action; Run, shoot, drive, fly and swing anywhere you want in the well-planned map of the game. The same glamorous gunman of the old game remains. The protagonist Master Chief can now jump from the side, making him more mobile-friendly than before.

The sense of freedom in this new gameplay is incredible, even if at times the story doesn’t match the progress made in game design. Halo Infinite is free to play online, so it’s good news for all Xbox Series X players. It has some internal problems with its live service structure, but Microsoft is making progress with it. In terms of pure fun, Hello Infinite has shooter products.

05. Sea Of Thieves

Sea-Of-Thieves- The-best-Xbox-Series-X-game-for-multiplayer

The best Xbox Series X game for multiplayer

  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios.
  • Developer: Rare.
  • The number of players allowed: 1-4.
Reasons to buy
  • A real sense of co-op adventure.
  • Potentially endless adventure.
  • Loads of stories that feel your own.
Reasons to avoid
  • Need friends to get the most out of it.

Despite a lack of content at launch, Sea of Thieves has grown from a neat proof of concept to a real high-seas epic, much like whispered pirate legends have taken on mythic proportions over reality. 

The idea is simple: you and your friends can sail your pirate ship on adventures, earning treasure to haul back to your stash. However, you can also steal that treasure from other groups of pirates, drowning their ships. However, maybe someone tries to steal it from you, then the sea parts; and now there is a massive Kraken in the middle.

It is the wild, immersive multiplayer that births its own stories that you and your friends will be discussing for years, making it one of the best Xbox Series X games for co-op. The main downside is, no doubt, it is a little bit less fun if you cannot rustle up a group of your crew.

06. Gears 5


The best Xbox Series X games for brutal shootouts

  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios.
  • Developer: The Coalition.
  • The number of players allowed: 1-3.
Reasons to buy
  • Open areas work surprisingly well.
  • Best Gears story in years.
Reasons to avoid
  • It does not innovate too much.

Gears 5, like Halo Infinite, is a fresh entry in one of Microsoft’s most prosperous franchises. Brutal, bloody, and insane, Gears 5 is the best entry in this classic series for many years. However, it was a chainsaw knife that was instrumental in creating this series to perfect the cover-shooter style of play.

Adventuring that this chunky third-person shooter still has room to expand, Gears 5 introduces tiny open-world maps to explore and manages to refresh its approach to world design – there’s always a strategic option to feel its world in combat. Also, Gears 5 looks simply gorgeous on the new hardware, making it apparently one of the best Xbox Series X games.

Actor Laura Bailey’s Kite Diaz is an excellent focal point for the new campaign, which goes back to the original story. Yet, through Kait, we get a new perspective on those old stories that will appeal to fans. The multiplayer game is back and good as before. If Jenner suffers from the same live service issues as many others – then progress can feel irresistible. Still, every Xbox Series X games owners should try this shooter.

07. Psychonauts 2


The best Xbox Series X game for platform gamers

  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios.
  • Developer: Double Fine.
  • The number of players allowed: Gameplay assists, customizable subtitles, and control options.
Reasons to buy
  • Every level is incredibly inventive.
  • It balances hilarity and emotion remarkably.
  • Superbly inventive visual design.
Reasons to avoid
  • Some characters feel underused.

Microsoft bought Psychonauts 2-developer Double Fine in 2019, and the assumption was this game might lose its peculiar qualities. Not so. Not so. The added support has worked to make Double Fine impossible: Create a great sequel to a niche early Nafiz platform.

The protagonist Raj returns for a more emotional escape through the brain world of the people close to him, revealing expressive stories like his and falling into ridiculous hygiene. The game contains the DNA of Tim Schaefer, who led the studio. He has also made choices for Monkey Island, Grimm Fandango, and Full Throttle, so expect this kind of adult comic genius.

Every mind you explore is amazing, meaning lots of gameplay variations and graphical directions that are avoided and consistent across all places; thanks to a decisive art direction that reefs over Tim Burton. Whether probing the haunted lighthouses of the barber’s nightmares or the trippy; psychedelic tech with Woodstock with a band made up of facial characteristics, every moment of Psychonauts 2 is a joy.

08. Forza Horizon 5


The best Xbox Series X games for racing fans

  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios.
  • Developer: Playground Games.
  • The number of players allowed: 1-6.
Reasons to buy
  • Visually stunning, even at great speed.
  • Seamless and easy mission structure.
  • Always something to do in the vast world.
Reasons to avoid
  • Music could be a little more varied.

Forza Horizon 5 is the latest game in Microsoft’s blazing-fast arcade racer series, and it does not just open up by having you drive out of a moving plane. Instead, it does multiple times in a row. It is a racing game for the Fast and Furious generation. This bombastic introduction to the game’s new setting of Mexico leads to a racing festival that will enable you to speed through sleepy villages and over mountain ranges. 

It is no racing simulation. Though tweaks can offer in-depth options to design your car to suit your style, the aim of Forza Horizon 5 is to be fun from the get-go, pick up a controller and start racing across multiple event types and tracks that even take in volcanoes.

Forza Horizon 5 offers a vast open world that rewards exploration with tons of flashy cars and novelty outfits for your ‘gravatar’ (your data will also appear in your friends’ races). The only downside is that it pushes live service aspects a bit too much, but otherwise, this is a world you can cruise in all day. But if you’re a racing fan then this can be one of your best Xbox series X games.

09. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


The best Xbox Series X games for history buffs

  • Publisher: Ubisoft.
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal.
  • The number of players allowed: 1.
Reasons to buy
  • A large but manageable open world.
  • Doing Viking things is incredibly fun.
  • A vast and expanding set of missions.
Reasons to avoid
  • Stealth gameplay does not work well.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” takes us into the Dark Ages to have some England-set Viking fun through a stealth game at heart. it manages to combine the agile killer gameplay of his predecessors with the joy of blowing on your Bighorn to raid some poor church with your Viking crew. Departing from Norway, you aim to start a new home in England, but this is just the beginning.

From the foggy plains across the ocean to the snowy mountains of your hometown, the world of AC Valhalla is a constantly fascinating place to explore on the Xbox Series X. A new approach to open-world activity in ‘Discovery’ feels this entry into the series. Like a checklist of less repetitive content and more like some small things that you stumble upon. This is an intelligent world design.

Valhalla may be the third game in the new Assassin’s Creed open-world style game (followed by Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey), but it still seems to be the best in terms of technical achievement. Thanks to a bespoke next-gen version, it’s one of the best Xbox series X games to try first, significantly you can upgrade from Xbox One.

10. It Takes Two


The best Xbox Series X game for racing fans

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts.
  • Developer: Haze light Studios.
  • The number of players allowed:  2.
Reasons to buy
  • Both characters’ gameplay feels substantially different.
  • The banter between characters is fun.
  • Inventive use of the ‘shrunken down’ cliche
Reasons to avoid
  • Some areas go on a bit too long.

It takes two unique that it only works with two players. A messy divorce is about to evolve, with both parents shrinking into their own doll replicas for their daughter’s desire that they would do makeup. However, you can defeat the game and work together to solve the crisis facing this marriage.

Played in co-op with a friend, and each character has different capabilities that need to be utilized together, which varies at each level. For example, having to work together to solve their mental and physical problems; the on-screen couple trying to get back to their original bodies.

Somehow, the story avoids the sentimental feeling and has a mischievous sense of humor to boot as adults spread into a Twitter world of childhood wonders; similarly blocking their way through workshops and toy castles. Given its two-player focus, even playing online requires both of you to own the game

11. Ori And the Will of the Wisps


The best Xbox Series X games for animation fans

  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios.
  • Developer: Moon Studios.
  • The number of players allowed: 1.
Reasons to buy
  • Stunning in direction.
  • A Metroid Vania that feels fun to explore.
  • A great and rewarding story.
Reasons to avoid
  • Game design is not as original as its art.

Ori And the Will of the Wisps is the most attractive 2D indie Metroid Vania you will ever see. Metroid Vania is a sub-genre of action-adventure games that emphasizes exploration, recently acquired skills, and items allowing you to open up new areas of a map.

In reliance on Xbox, the will of Ori and Wisps demonstrates that you don’t always need blockbuster games or franchises to create console-defined moments. Instead, with a story motivated by a classic animated movie like Fern’s; you’ll play a small forest spirit named Ori on their second adventure to save their world and fulfill a fortune.

Specially exalted for Microsoft’s new console, it is one of the best Xbox series X games to show how stunning games can be. The strength of this new console enlivens the hand-painted artwork. It’s also a pleasure to play with the fast platforming that rewards exploration combined with a touching story.

Final Thought

Are you tired of choosing yours among these Xbox series X games? Then let us help you to find your best according to your gaming tests. So if you’re a fantasy RPG-style game, then try Elden Ring. And if you love horror murder puzzles, go with Resident Evil Village or Hitman 3, or Gears 5. You can go with Psychonauts 2, It Takes Two if you’re a multiplayer gamer. And last but not the list choose Ori And the Will of the Wisps if you are obsessed with animation.

So that’s the list of the 11 best Xbox series X games that you can play in the current period. If you find your best Series X Game, please share this article with other Xbox gamers. Or you can click another article like this one and explore (Anto’s Web) the info hub of modern technology.

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