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Learn how to install Windows 10 from USB or reinstall Windows 10 and experience the ultimate OS experience with proper suggestions, recommendations, and guidance.

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Maybe you’ve bought your first pc or built dozens of PCs by this point, but did you know a pc is pretty much useless before setting a few things up including installing an operating system?  So in this article, we’ll show you how to install windows 10 from USB drive for free. Plus you’ll get to know everything from downloading to installing to activating Windows.

And most importantly, all the suggestions, recommendations, and guidance you’ll see below are totally free. All you have to do is to follow each and every step carefully.

While we’re at it we’re also going to show you how you can activate windows 10 for free. Assuming you’ve built your pc correctly, everything should fire up for the first time without issue. Or you can check out our list of best Prebuild PC in 2022.

You should see all of your LEDs, all of your fans should turn to save, and maybe the graphics card if it’s idle and that’s how you know that nothing is inherently broken. Well maybe something’s still broken but at least you know things are receiving power so your power supply is not screwed up.

Anyway, you’ll probably be prompted into your BIOS for the first time if you don’t have an operating system already installed. And while we’re in here we can optimize windows performance and sound but we’ll circle back to this once we’re ready to install windows 10.

Things to do before installing or reinstalling Windows 10

Things to know before you install Windows 10

Now despite what you’ll hear, Microsoft Windows is by far the most popular operating system for desktop and laptop computers. Not only is it relatively attainable and easy to set up with most hardware, but it also sports a widely understood user interface with a very shallow learning curve.

According to Stat Counter, windows 10 has blown up as the most popular operating system for desktop computers on the planet surpassing. Windows 7 as of January 2018 and becoming the os of choice for 77% of windows users in 2020. So we’ll show you how to install the latest version of windows 10 from USB for free.

Things to do before installing or reinstalling Windows 10

Things to know before you install Windows 10

To get started you’ll need access to another computer with a USB port and internet access. I know it seems a bit redundant to need a second computer to set your first computer up but that’s just how it is. So maybe a laptop or something like a school computer which is fairly easy to access. You can learn how to use a WIFI connection if you never experience the benefits of using a WIFI.

Here are important notes for those who are going to reinstall Windows 10. The very first thing you have to uninstall any kind of security software. You can choose the best antivirus software after you finish the Windows 10 installation.

If you’re using a VPN (a virtual private network), make sure that you have turned that off. Check out our best FREE VPNs list or choose the best VPN services to experience the ultimate browsing activity by choosing the best web browsers.

How to install Windows 10 from USB?

Assuming that you have connected your computer or laptop to a secure internet connection and got a USB drive. The USB you’ll be using to download windows 10 will be converted into a bootable drive. So make sure that your USB drive is empty and has a minimum of 8 GB of space.

The whole process can be a little time-consuming depending on your internet speed and device configuration. So be prepared for that and learn how to install Windows 10 from USB.

01. Check system capability and requirements to download and install Windows 10

To download and install Windows 10  you need to fulfill Microsoft’s system requirement So, let’s check this out first off, you all want to check whether your pc is even capable of running Windows 10. And it is very important to check the system’s capability to install any Operating System.

I. Download the PC health check app

Luckily Microsoft always offers a ‘PC health check app‘ that’ll tell you your pc qualifies. You can access that tool for free. Once you land on that page, download the ‘PC health check tool’.

Once you finish installing, run the app and it’ll tell you whether you qualify or not. But here is a Pro Tip – You don’t need to check it now because if you’re currently using the latest Windows 7 or higher then your system can run Windows 10.

Assuming that you’re a Windows 7 user and ready to upgrade to Windows 10. Then you should see the major changes between Windows 10 and Windows 11.

By the way, you don’t need to worry about system requirements. Anyway, you can also learn how to install Windows 11 on a PC or laptop.

II. Minimum system requirement to install windows 10

Note: Windows 10 will easily install on your Gaming PC or Gaming laptop. And for information purposes here are the minimum system requirements to download and install Windows 10. According to Microsoft, this is the minimum requirement that your system has to fulfill to download windows 10.

  1. CPU: a 1 GHz or faster dual-core or higher processor on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip.
  2. Memory: 4 GB RAM. 
  3. Storage: 64 GB.  
  4. Firmware: UEFI with Source Boot capable.
  5. TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 
  6. Graphics Card: DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2. x.
  7. Display: A display 9 inches or larger, with a resolution of 720p or higher.

02. Create Windows 10 installation media

Now comes the most important part of this how to install Windows 10 from USB guide and which is a Windows 10 installation media creation. So to create one, you have to click here. This link will take you to the download windows 1o page.

  • You can click the blue download tool now button and then save that file. I’d like to save things like that just to my desktop because I know where they go. 
  • Then you want to open it and allow it to set a few things up and accept the license terms. Now, wait a few seconds then select create installation media. The recommended settings should be fine.
  • Now click next then ensure that the USB flash drive option is selected. Then click next again and at this point, you’ll want a thumb drive preferably eight gigs or higher.

03. Download Windows 10

It’s time to download the Windows 10 ISO file on your USB drive. So to do that, connect the USB drive to your system and click the blue refresh drive list button.

  • At this point, you should be able to see the flash drive. if you don’t see it you probably need to reformat it fat32 is the way to go.

Go ahead and select it and click next. Now the tool will begin downloading windows 10 and installing files on the drive which will take several minutes.

  • And by the time it does finish, you should see this window will confirm that the flash drive is ready to use.
  • Select finish and safely remove the thumb drive and connect it to a USB port at the back of your freshly built pc.

03. Set up BIOS to install Windows 10

Now some motherboards will automatically boot into the thumb drive if they can detect any other connected boot device. But just for good measure, hop into my bios, and tweak a few things including boot order that’s one of the things we’re definitely going to want to make sure is correct.

So when you push your computer’s power button and it starts up for the first time, just start spamming the delete key, F2 key, or F12 key when the splash page pops up.

Spam the delete key, F2 key, or F12 key to enter BIOS

From here you can confirm that your storage drives are detected in the boot tab and select the USB drive as your primary boot device for now. You can calibrate your fan curves in the hardware monitor tab by choosing from any of these presets or manually defining an rpm range for a given CPU temperature

We also recommend enabling the XMP profile assuming your CPU doesn’t activate finicky when it is enabled. This can usually be done via the main tab it will give your system a bit of added performance.

Especially in Ryzen’s case and will push your ram to rated frequencies well above the 2133 base for ddr4. Keep in mind that this UI and the accompanying nomenclature will vary between motherboard vendors, but the general points outlined here should still stand. Next, let’s click save and exit to confirm our choices and click again to reboot. 

04. Install Windows 10

Now at this point, you should see something similar to this here followed by a bluish screen and an install Windows 10 prompt. Select next and then the install now button.

Install Windows 10

You’ll be prompted to enter an activation key I want to stress though that it is not required and you could totally click the “I don’t have a product key” button if you prefer to enter one later.

Select next in install Windows 10 prompt and then the install now button

Always remember, you don’t even need to enter one at all windows will still run just fine. But if you don’t want to see an activation watermark and you don’t want to pay outrageous sums of cash, you can follow this guide on how to activate Windows 10 for free using a product key. Or you can buy it from Microsoft.

I. Activate Windows 10

Input the product key into this box if you already have a product key. This will activate the applicable windows 10 version once you’ve established an internet connection. At which point you may proceed with the os installation.

II. Select the installation drive

Accept the license terms then select the custom install option. This will list all available storage drives connected to your pc. There should have only one space for installation. If there are multiple partitions make sure to delete all the unnecessary space.

Select the custom install option

And if you have multiple drives make sure you select the one you want as your primary boot device before it moves forward. You don’t want to install Windows 10 on a super slow hard disk drive say. This will typically be the fastest drive in your system that you select.

Select the installation drive to install Windows 10

III. Finish Installing Windows 10

When the unallocated volume is highlighted click next and Windows 10 will begin installing. This could take several minutes depending on the speeds of both the drives connected to your system as well as the ports being used.

Finish Installing Windows 10

But once things wrap up your system should automatically reboot. You’ll see your post page yet again maybe like an Asus or gigabyte logo or something like that. And then a few spinning circles when you see this that’s a good sign.

Things will get ready for a few minutes and you may notice a reboot or two. Most importantly, do not interrupt this process. Finally, you’ll see this screen here running through these prompts is pretty self-explanatory.

Now wait sometimes and it will bring you a whole new Windows 10. And this is how you can install Windows 10 on your Personal Computer or Laptop. It will take a little time. So, you have to wait sometimes to enter a new Windows world.

05. Afterwork of installing Windows 10

Assuming you completed the above steps in this download and install Windows 10 guide. Now prepare yourself because you are going to enter our last and most satisfying part of this installation, it’s time to explore the new Windows 10 out-of-box experience.

Before starting here is an important message for those users who are going to download and install Windows 10 for the first time. You must create a Microsoft account and also be OBBE to choose your preference.

I. General Setup

  • First, you are in this position, right? Choose your religion. And click on Next.
  • Select your keyboard layout, then click on Yes. Now click on the Skip button because you don’t want another layout. Right?
  • Now you need to connect your PC to Wi-Fi. (if you’re using an ethernet connection it will connect automatically.
  • Put your device name. (It’s all about you and also, it’s optional).
  • Click on the Next button. After your click, your device will restart automatically. Don’t worry you will be able to stay where you were before restarting.
  • Select Set up for personal use. By the way, this feature is only available for Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 Home doesn’t have this option. Click on the Next button.

II. New account creation

  • Create your Microsoft account. Put your Email or Contact number and click on Next.
  • Confirm your account by creating a strong password. Click on Next.
  • Click on the Create PIN button.
  • Create a four-digit pin to log in to your device without a password. Click on OK.

III. Data backup Setup

  • Select Set up as a new device option. And click on the Next Button.
  • Choose your privacy settings and click on the Next button. Click the Next button again and click on the Accept button.
  • Now select one or more options to use your device. This selection will allow the setup to suggest to you some tools, services, and advertisements.
  • Click on the Accept or Skip button to skip this step.
  • Now backup my files with one drive. It will automatically store the Desktop, Pictures, and Document folders in the cloud. Or you can select the Don’t back up my files option.
  • Now Click on the Next button. Click on the No Thanks button to avoid the Microsoft Office Installation process.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s how to download and install Windows 10 for free and with this, you’re able to install a clean or fresh Windows 10 on your device. Now what? Now there are some settings required after the successful installation of Windows 10.

So, if you followed our step-by-step guide to installing Windows 10, we suggest you go through important settings after installation on Windows 11.

If all the above information in this article helps you, please show us your appreciation. Share this article on your social site to help others to get this information. And don’t forget to ask any questions about Windows 10.

Although, if you have any questions related to windows you can ask us by commenting below. We will reply to you back or you can click another article like this in several Tech categories such as Computing, Gaming, Software, Security, and How to get the exact Information, Suggestions, Recommendations, Guidance, and more from Anto’s Web.

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