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How to screenshot on any device?

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Learn how to screenshot on any device such as a Windows PC or laptop, a MacBook, or a Chromebook or you can even take a screenshot on iPhone or android devices.

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Taking screenshots has now become the easiest way to capture anything whether it’s on your computer or phone. If you know exactly how to screenshot, you not only save your time but are also able to collect a lot of information through this process.

Luckily Windows, Android, IOS, macOS, and every other operating system have their built-in method to capture the screen. Some of them even provide a lot of extra features to make a perfect screenshot.

In this article, we will discuss in-depth about taking proper screenshots and you’ll be able to know How to take that – On an iPhone or iPad, an android or a tablet, a Windows, a MacBook, and a Chromebook. You will get to know the most basic and effective ways to take screenshots on any device.

How to screenshot on any device?

There are several effective ways to screenshot on any device; such as for any kind of mobile device (android, IOS, or iPad), just press the volume up or down button together with the power button; And for most Operating Systems (Windows, macOS, or Chromenos) offers a common way to screenshot by pressing the home key (depend on your device) together with the print key.

That was a small introduction because in this article you’ll learn cool tips and tricks on how to screenshot on your Windows PC or MacBook, Laptop or iPad, or even iPhone or other mobile devices. So whatever device you’re using, you’ll be able to take screenshots by following this article.

How to screenshot on iPhone or iPad?

How to screenshot on an iPhone or an iPad?

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, there are some of the best apps available that can boost your overall activity. From increasing productivity to finding the best Wallpaper and some apps will help you create stunning GIFs and icons for your social media. Although you’re here to learn how to screenshot, so we’ll show you exactly how with built-in features available on your iPhone.

  • To take screenshots on any iPhone or iPad, you just need to press the Sleep/Wake button together with the Volume Up button.
  • If you’re using an older version of an iPhone or an iPad, simultaneously press the home button and the Volume Up button.
  • After clicking both buttons together, you’ll see a preview of your current screenshot at the bottom left of your device along with a sweet sound.
  • You can easily view, edit, and share the screenshots you captured by clicking on them.
  • If you want to take a document or a full webpage as screenshots, tap on the preview button, at the top right of your device, and select full page.

How to screenshot on an android or tablet?

How to screenshot on android or tablet?

Smartphones are known for providing stunning features, especially for activities, and taking screenshots is one of them. However, smartphone companies like Samsung, One plus, Howai, etc. offer several options to take screenshots.

It doesn’t matter which company’s phone you’re using; we are going to show you how to screenshot on your Android or Tablet. You can apply this to any of your Tablets or Android smartphones.

  • To take screenshots on your android phone or tablet, press the Power button together with the Volume Down button.
  • After clicking both buttons simultaneously first you’ll hear a sound along with a preview mode of your current screenshot.
  • You can view, edit, and share your captured screenshot by clicking on the preview mode of your screenshot.

Many phone or tablet companies have their name and feature to take a screenshot of not only the visible portion of your device but also a full webpage and scrolling screenshot.

If you don’t like the way your phone or tablet takes screenshots, you can use an app called screen Master to experience a different way of taking screenshots.

How to screenshot on a PC or laptop?

How to screenshot on Windows PC or laptop?

There are several ways to take screenshots on a Windows PC. Especially if you’re using the Edge browser you might be familiar with their stunning Web capture tool.

However, we’re going to look at how to screenshot simply by using your keyboard. But we highly recommend you use the Web Capture tool to take a screenshot or capture a full web page from the Edge browser.

  • Most keyboards include the print screen key. You’ll typically find this near the f12 key on your keyboard. Sometimes it goes by print screen and other times it’ll include an abbreviation.
  • If you have laptop chances are you’ll also have to press the function key or the fn key together with the print screen.

When you press print screen this will take a screenshot of your entire desktop. If you have multiple monitors this will include everything.

Once you take a screenshot this places it on your clipboard you can then open up an app like Paint, Word, or PowerPoint and you can paste it by pressing ctrl + v.

  • But sometimes you just want screenshots of just one window if you press the alt key together with the print screen, this will take a screenshot of just the currently active window.
  • If you want to be able to choose which screenshot you want to paste, you can turn on something called clipboard history. Simply press the Windows key together with the v key. If you’ve never used this before you’ll have to turn it on.

Now let’s say You just want to screenshot a portion of your screen. You can press the Windows logo key together with the shift + s key and this launches the snipping tool. You can take a rectangular snip, a free hand or a window or you could go with a full screen.

How to screenshot on a Chromebook?

How to Screenshot in a Chromebook?

If you’re using a Chromebook, there are some tricky ways to take screenshots on it. And you’ll learn all of those in how to screenshot on a Chromebook guide. So follow those steps down below and capture whichever you want to take.

  • To capture screenshots on any Chromebook, just press the Control key (usually abbreviated to Ctrl) together with the Show Windows key (a rectangle with two lines to the right).
  • To capture a portion of the screen on any Chromebook, just press the Shift key together with the Control key and Show Windows key.
  • After clicking those keys together, drag your cursor to highlight the exact portion you want to capture. 
  • After selecting or highlighting, you’ll notice that a preview mode of your current screenshot popped up at the bottom corner of your Chromebook.
  • You can copy that, edit that even share that screenshot immediately or later.
  • To find the saved screenshot, simply click the Launcher button (the circle at the bottom left corner). Then select the file you want to download and click on the Download button in the left corner.

How to screenshot on MacBook?

How to screenshot on MacBook?

The best MacBook always gives you the best performance whether you’re a professional video editor or a continent creator for different social media platforms.

Mac even offers a lot of captions to capture anything, anywhere from your Mac. And we are going to show you all of those methods in how to screenshot on a Mac guide.

  • If you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen, just press the shift key together with the command + 3.
  • When you take a screenshot, it appears as a thumbnail in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you leave it there it will automatically save to your desktop by default. 
  • If you want to take a screenshot of a portion of your screen, press the shift key and command key + 4 key simultaneously.
  • This will turn your pointer into a crosshair. Move it to where you want to start the screenshot. Click and drag to select an area and release your trackpad or mouse.
  • You can press the escape key to cancel before releasing your trackpad or mouse if you’ve changed your mind.
  • Now let’s take a screenshot of a window. To do this press the shift key together with the command key + 4 key and then the spacebar. This will change the pointer to a camera. Move the camera over to the window or menu you want to capture. And look for the highlight to confirm that it’s selected.
  • Then click your trackpad or mouse to take the screenshot. Your screenshots will be saved to your desktop. If you also hold control as you use these shortcuts, they’ll save to your clipboard instead.
  • You can also use the screenshot toolbar in addition to keyboard shortcuts. The Screenshot toolbar is useful for things like recording your screen and changing your screenshot settings. To open it – press the shift key plus command key + 5 key. By default, the tools will appear at the bottom of the screen. But you can move them around if you like.

You’ll find the controls for taking a screenshot on the left-hand side. And you can choose to capture the entire screen in a single window or a portion of the Screen. You’ll also find tools for recording your entire screen or recording a portion of the screen. To view your customization options, click options, then you’ll find useful settings and features like setting a screenshot timer or changing your save location. Now you’re ready to take your screenshots with these handy shortcuts.

With this, we are completing our article about how to take a screenshot of any device. If this article helps you to find your need, please help us to share this article with your friends, family, and other social media sites. If you have any questions about this article, feel free to ask by commenting below. Thank you from Anto’s Web.

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