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How to transfer data from pc to mac?

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Learn how to transfer data from pc to mac or from mac to pc by following our step-by-step guide along with important information, suggestions, guidance, & more.

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Using two operating systems (Windows and macOS) at the same time can be as difficult if you’re not intelligent in Computing. Especially when it comes to any transfer from a different OS. That’s why our guide on how to transfer data from pc to mac comes in. It will solve any problem in transferring photos, videos, and files from a mac to pc or a pc to a mac. Suppose you are facing trouble while moving files from your Windows PC to your Mac, this article will help you understand your issues and solve them in the simplest way.

If you’re a new Mac user, we also have some informative suggestions from updating your Mac to tips and tricks to improve your user experience. There are even some of the best productivity software and security applications that can protect your device from virtual enemies.

How to transfer data from pc to mac?

Did you know after the launch of the latest IOS 16 and of course the most powerful iPhone 14 series, Apple became one of the top Tech companies? And when it’s about data, we don’t think we need to ask any questions about Apple’s Security. Especially in data transferring, they made the process easy by launching Migrate Assistent.

Migrate Assistant is one of the best productivity software that helps mac users to transfer anything from other operating systems. Basically Migration Assistant makes a copy of supported content to transfer from your pc to your mac. For those who never use this tool before, you need to very carefully follow every step mentioned below. So, do you want to move our contacts, calendars, photos, and more? Here is how to transfer data from pc to mac.

Things to do before transferring

There are some simple but very important things to do before you start transferring. The very first thing, make sure your pc is up to date. Migration assistant works with windows 7 or later. You’ll also need to know the administrator account name and password for the pc you are transferring from; which is the password needed to install software updates. This might be the same password you use to log into your PC. 

Make sure both your pc and your mac are connected to power and near each other and check the wi-fi network your pc is on. You’ll need to select the same network when you set up your mac. When you’re ready you can start learning how to transfer data from pc to mac using Migrate Assistant.

How to transfer data from pc to mac using Migration Assistant?

Assuming that you’ve followed everything mentioned above and are ready to get started. First, open your web browser on your pc and go to apple.com/migrate-to-mac and click the migration assistant link that corresponds to the version of mac os on your mac. This will download and install migration assistant on your pc.

  • Quit any open apps on your PC. It is very important and you must turn off the VPN you’re using. We have a list of the best VPN services and the best free VPN services, you can check if you’re not using any. And make sure that your antivirus is deactivated. We also have an antivirus software list to choose the best one. Once you’re done, open migration assistant. If it didn’t open automatically and click continue.
Quit-any-open apps-on-your-PC-to-transfer-data-from-pc-to-mac

After opening this tool, a message might appear recommending that you turn off the automatic installation of windows updates. When you’re ready to proceed; click continue you’ll then go to your mac and turn it on to begin setting it up.

01. Setup Migration Assistant on PC

Now it’s time to set migrate assistant on your PC. Early in the setup process, it will appear and you’ll be asked how you want to transfer your data. Select from a windows pc and click continue. Select the icon for your pc when it appears in migration assistant then Click on continue.

  • A six-digit code will appear on your mac and your pc confirm that they match and then click continue on your PC. Make sure that you followed the setup process carefully, otherwise, you won’t get the code. And without this code, you can’t connect your pc to your mac.

It might take a little while for the migration assistant to gather all of the transferable information. Basically, it depends on your current internet speed and after the setup was completed, you need to prepare the mac that your want to transfer to.

02. Prepare Migration Assistant on Mac

Congratulations! now you’re in the most important part of this how to transfer data from pc to mac guide. And that is to set up the mac that you want to transfer to. On your mac, a popup will appear and be selected by default. Click continue to proceed.

  • You’ll be asked to create an administrator password. Click set a password and choose a password. Be sure to make a note of it so you can use it to log into your mac.
Choose-a-strong-password-to transfer-data-from-pc-to-mac
  • Select the confirm password field and enter the password again. Then click set password. When a green checkmark appears next to your account name, click continue and the transfer will begin. And that’s how to transfer data from pc to mac. Now you have to wait until your transfer is completed.

It could take several hours for large transfers to complete. Leave both computers alone during the transfer process. On your mac, the screen might go black or dim and the apple logo and a loading bar might appear. Don’t worry about that, this is normal. 

03. After work of transferring data from PC to Mac

Work- after-you-know-how-to-transfer-data-from-pcto-mac

Now that you’ve learned how to transfer data from pc to mac, it’s time to do the after-work of transferring. Once the transfer is complete, your Mac will automatically restart or you can click Restart now to restart it manually. While your mac is restarting the screen will go black and the Apple logo will appear; You can then click done on your mac and it will restart again to complete the migration assistant process.

On your PC, click done in migration assistant. This computer will still have the same information it had before the transfer. Now use the password you created earlier. You can log into your mac to complete the setup process and the data you transferred from your pc will be there waiting for you.

And that’s the end of this how to transfer data from PC to Mac guide. If you still need help contact apple support to learn more about how to use your mac subscribe to the newsletter to get free updates whenever a new article will add on Anto’s Web. Or click another article to keep exploring some sequences in this category. Thanks from Anto’s Web.

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