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How to unlock android phone?

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How to unlock android phone without losing any data or after forgetting passwords is one of the commonly asked questions for every smartphone user. And in this modern age, you all might have to agree that privacy is a major concern. Because now and then we are hearing about data theft reports and smartphone hacks which is quite affecting. One of the best ways of securing your smartphone from unauthorized use is by using a screen lock. This encryption method comes through the use of a pattern, pin, or password.

In this article, you’ll find every important information and suggestion relating to unlocking any android phone. Although you’re unlocking your phone, we have some productivity applications including a list of the best android apps to increase the overall android experience. Plus, you can check out our best VPNs and best Antivirus software to protect your android from cyber threats, hacking, etc.

Is it legal to unlock any phone?

The very first and important thing you need to know Before unlocking an android phone is its legality. And the answer is Yes! Unlocking any smartphone is totally legal if you have paid for your contract. The same goes for any phone you buy directly.

However, if you are still in the process of paying your initial contract, technically you are not the owner of the phone, meaning it may not be possible to unlock your phone with other providers until the contract expires. Some carriers may not have anything against it, but it must be verified before you start the process. And before you proceed, it is important to be 100% sure that your phone is already locked.

How to unlock android phone?

While it is an excellent security method a problem comes when you forget your password or pattern which happens and it is a frustrating occurrence. And that’s exactly why in this article I’m going to showcase the best ways to unlock android phone including two amazing tools known as “Dr.Fone” and “DroidKit”. One of them is free software and both not only bypass your Android lock screen but can help recover data, contacts, and more with a little bit of cost.

We want you to save time for a couple of minutes and learn how to unlock android phone after forgetting your password. The amazing fact about this article is that you won’t lose any data if you follow the last one carefully.  Because at the end you’ll learn how to unlock android phone without losing any data using the safe mode. If you’re using both iPhone and android at the same time, here is a guide on how to transfer data from android to iPhone. But before that, we have some important information, suggestions, and recommendations about this productivity software we’ll be using to unlock android phones. And we are starting with Dr.Fone, a productivity tool that you need to use.

What is Dr.Fone and how does it work?

What is Dr.Fone and how does it work

Before getting straight into the screen and lock feature, let’s see what else “Dr.Fone” toolkit offers. First of all, it is an all-rounder software for managing data on any device including IOS and Android. It can recover your deleted files, back up save data, and restore it to another device. Additionally, “Dr.Fone” offers several useful tools such as lock screen removal, WhatsApp transfers, screen mirroring, and more to help manage any phone or tablet.

But in this article, we will focus on the screen unlock feature which is probably the reason why you want to use the program. So, let’s see how to unlock android phone using it.

How to unlock android phone using Dr.Fone?

The first step is to download the software and you can download it by clicking here. Dr.Fone is supported by both Windows as well as Mac operating systems. Just make sure you download the right version according to your operating system.

  • Once downloaded run it to start the bypass process. After the software is opened, click on the screen unlock. Here you will find different options as I have previously mentioned that this tool can be used to unlock android as well as iOS devices. Plus, you also get features to unlock Apple id, unlock MDM iPhone, and remove iTunes backup encryption which you won’t find in any other tool.
How to unlock android phone using Dr.Fone - 1
  • Now connect your phone to the pc using a data cable and you are good to go. Dr. Fone’s screen and lock support plenty of devices both new and old from major OEMs such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oneplus, etc.
How to unlock android phone using Dr.Fone - 2
  • Once your device is connected you have to select the Screens Function to unlock Android, IOS, or unlock Apple ID. in this case, I am dealing with android. So, choose the android option to proceed. After this selection, you select your phone model and click next to go on.
How to unlock android phone using Dr.Fone - 3

Now you have to switch your device into recovery mode which usually involves pressing and holding the volume and power button simultaneously. Dr.Fone will show you the screenshot and how you can enter the recovery mode according to your model. Just follow the steps and wipe the data then reboot your device. This will eventually erase your data and will unlock the phone.

Assuming that you have the basic idea of how awesome Dr.Fone unlock tool is. You might want to purchase the full version so that you can unlock your phone with ease. A single-user license will cost you $39.95 for a year and with that, you can unlock up to five devices. You can even get a complete Dr.Fone for just $79.95 which includes all the modules. Now move on to the next tool called DroidKit – Android Phone Unlocker and use it to unlock android phones.

What is DroidKit – Android Phone Unlocker?

What is DroidKit – Android Phone Unlocker

DroidKit” – Android Phone Unlocker can be the most trustworthy and efficient way to unlock Android phones. Whether your screen is locked with a pattern, password, or fingerprint, it easily removes them in minutes. So, we would like to suggest it to you first as it is capable of removing any phone’s screen lock. 

Besides, it helps to unlock a forgotten PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint ID, face recognition, etc. Including Samsung, LG, Huawei, Google Phones, and HTC, this tool supports up to 20,000+ Android & Tablet models.

Even you can unlock your Android phone using it with no need to root. DroidKit offers an amazing easy-to-follow guide to make the complicated unlocking process handy for everyone. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge required to use it. DroidKit can also assist you to restore data from your Google account after unlocking. You can get DroidKit on your PC or Mac to easily open a locked phone with the simple steps below.

How to unlock android phone using DroidKit?

  • First, you need to download the software. You can tap here to get and then Launch it. After that click on Screen Unlocker.
How to unlock android phone using DroidKit - 1
  • Next, link your Android phone via USB cable and click on Start to unlock. Note: Remember that after the screen lock gets removed successfully, all of your device data will be erased.
How to unlock android phone using DroidKit - 2
  • After the connection, DroidKit will organize the configuration file for you. Once finished preparing, tap on Remove Now button to continue.
How to unlock android phone using DroidKit - 3
  • Next, DroidKit will detect your device brand. You can follow the on-screen instructions according to your device. I’m taking Samsung as an example to remove its password.
How to unlock android phone using DroidKit - 4
  • After that, DroidKit will begin the unlocking process immediately. Wait for a minute or two, and you will see Screen Lock Removal Completed page.

How to unlock android phone without losing data?

Unlocking a locked phone into safe mode is the last key for users to unlock android phones without losing data. If you are using third-party lock screen software, then you should definitely try this way. Safe mode can crack the problems caused by the third-party app. Here’s how to unlock a locked Android pattern, PIN, or password without losing data.

  • Long press the Power button for a few seconds.
  • Tap on the Power off and click OK to reboot your phone into safe mode.
  • Then you can disable all third-party applications, including the third-party lock screen software.
  • Get out of safe mode to restart your phone.

That’s how to unlock any android device without losing any data if you forget your password. If this article helps you unlock your device, share this with others or click another article to learn, explore and experience the latest tech from Anto’s Web.

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