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How to use VPN on any device?

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Knowing how to use VPN in a proper way can increase your overall experience on your Windows PC, macOS, iPhone, or Android devices. A VPN installed on your gadgets not only provides ultimate access to head in any country; but also lets you not get hacked, malware attacked, or face browsing issues.

Speaking of browsing issues, you can check the best Web browser to use in 2022 to avoid future browsing interruptions. We also have a list of the best chrome extensions for an extra boost.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use VPN on any device. Plus, if you can love entertainment but can’t access content according to your need; we’ll show you how to use a VPN on Netflix, Kodi, and other streaming platforms. But before that, you need to learn –

What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

What is VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) develops a private network over a public network and enables users to send or receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. The advantages of a VPN include increased functionality, security, and manageability of a private network. It provides access to resources that are non-accessible on public networks and is generally used for remote workers. Encryption is common, although not an inherent part of VPN connections.

A VPN is built by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection using dedicated circuits or tunneling protocols over existing networks. A VPN over the public Internet can provide some of the benefits of a wide area network (WAN). From the user’s perspective, resources available within the private network can be accessed remotely.

Quick Tips: The best VPN to use on any device

01. Nord VPN – Overall best VPN for any device

Looking for an ideal VPN for windows or Mac? Anto’s Web suggests you use NordVPN. Superfast services along with beginner guidance and stunning customer support make NordVPN the overall best VPN for Windows 11.

02. IP VANISH – best VPN for Windows | MacOS

IP VANISH is one of the Fast & private VPNs with advanced security features. Also, it is the most affordable VPN for Windows 11. According to IP VANISH, “they can help you Experience the daily benefits of VPN.

03. Atlas VPN – best free VPN for Windows | Mac | iPhone | Android

An absolute example of a stunning free VPN service is Atlas VPN. Atlas VPN is a great Windows 11 VPN, offering essential protection with an armament packed full of security and privacy features. Atlas VPN uses the WireGuard tunneling protocol to deliver you a network of servers.

How to use VPN in 3 simple steps?

How to use VPN on mobile

01. Download a VPN app (We recommend Nord)

Once you’ve done your examination and selected your VPN provider, choose your subscription plan. Then simply download the app and install it.

02 Setup the application

Guiding service providers like NordVPN, CyberGhost, and IP Vanish suggest effortless apps that don’t require extensive technical know-how to use. Just install it, enter your credentials, and boom! You’re all set to go.

You can also go into the VPN’s settings later to turn extra features on or off, Such as the Kill Switch or switch protocols, etc.

03. Connect to a server

There are several setting structures available for each service provider. With NordVPN, you can just tap on the “Quick connect” button and the application will find the best server available for you. You can also click on a country pin to connect to that specific country or scroll down the server list and select the one you want to connect to.

Utilizing VPNs on different platforms

You can utilize any VPN app on Windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android. Here’s how to download, install, and begin using any VPNs on each of these platforms.

How to Use VPN on Windows?

How to use VPN on Windows PC
  • Download and install the application that you choose for your Windows PC. Once you’ve logged into your account, tap on Quick connect and you will be linked to the fastest server available. You can also choose a server from the list of countries on the left menu or click it on the map.
  • After infrequent moments, the status will change to Connected with the location of the server and an IP address.
  • A pop-up on Windows should also ensure that you have connected successfully.

How to use VPN on macOS?

How to use VPN on MacBook
  • Find the app you have selected for Mac on the App Store and set up your account.
  • You will get the Quick Connect button located in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Choose the country you want to connect to and explore further for more settings.
  • A pop-up will confirm that you have connected.

How to use VPN on browser extensions?

Most of the VPNs also come as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Always keep in mind that the extension is completely different from the application. The extension shields only your browser’s traffic; not your computer’s traffic the way any app does. Using it as an extension not only just changes your browser’s IP address, but also at the same time, it helps to use your real IP for further connections.

  • Go to Webstore and add the extension to your browser of choice and sign in by putting your basic info.
  • Click Quick connect or choose the desired country.

How to use VPN on your router?

You can also install it on your Wi-Fi router to shield every device connected to it. This way, you can share your account with family members, turn on the app on their gadgets, and protect them from online threats.

How to use VPN on Netflix?

How to use VPN on Netflix

Using a VPN on Netflix is not that hard task to do. Just follow the below steps and you’ll be enjoying your new favorite show in no time: To use it on your Netflix…

  • Pick one of those services that work with Netflix and get a suitable subscription.
  • Download the application and install it on your device
  • Connect to the server of any country whose content you want to unblock
  • Open your browser and head to your Netflix account(or open the Netflix app).

In case you get the dreaded Netflix proxy error, choose another server of the same country, or even try a different country altogether. Usually,  web series, shows, or movies are available in multiple countries. So don’t need to worry about any proxy error if you got the application installed on your device.

How to use VPN on Kodi?

Kodi is one of the most significant ways to watch all sorts of content without spending any money. Available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, Kodi allows you to stream movies, shows, and music as much as you want.

Although, an Internet service provider (ISP) might block certain Kodi add-ons for streaming. But, a VPN will let you bypass these limitations. To use it for Kodi…

Just download the app of your preference and select the desired country. You can also route the VPN’s connection exclusively via the Kodi app. With the support of an add-on that you can download from the Kodi add-ons menu. 

How to use VPN for torrenting?

Even though torrenting in itself is a legal activity, it can block individual threats. That’s because when you download any files through a torrent client, your public IP gets uncovered; and there are uncountable dangerous people out there who could make misuse it. Even, if you download any copyrighted content, your IP can be tracked by copyright holders.

To sidestep this, you can use VPNs. Bunches of VPNs have dedicated servers for torrenting that will spoof your IP address and lets you stay anonymous online. Simple download your choice with a subscription and activate it by selecting the country you want to head on.

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