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How to install Google Chrome Themes?

Frustrated by Chrome's darker shades of gray? Google Chrome Themes are basically custom skins that help to design a new look on our chrome...

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The best Mobile Hotspots to use on any device

Learn How to use the best mobile hotspots on your iPhone or iPad, MacBook or PC, android or other electronic devices along with suggestions & recommendations.

Windows 11 Problems: how to fix every common issue?

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The latest “IOS 16 Features” you must know

Downloadable from iPhone 8 all the way to iPhone 14, these IOS 16 features can change the overall iPhone experience and user experience.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer?

Learn exactly how to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer by going through a complete step-by-step guide article with important info and suggestions.

The best apps for iPhone in 2022

iPhone is always most people's first choice when it comes to luxury and Productivity. But Did you know besides capturing photos and editing videos...

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How to download YouTube videos?

In this article, we want to show you how you can download YouTube videos onto your laptop, desktop, iPhone, or Android phone. This is...

How to unlock android phone?

Want to unlock your android device? Follow our step-by-step guide on how to unlock android without losing or forgetting your password.