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The latest “IOS 16 Features” you must know

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Downloadable from iPhone 8 all the way to iPhone 14, these IOS 16 features can change the overall iPhone experience and user experience.

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Apple’s IOS 16 is just banging and there are a ton of brand new and totally fresh features you need to check out. Downloadable from iPhone 8 all the way to iPhone 14, these IOS 16 features can change the overall iPhone experience.

The grand launch of Apple’s iOS 16 introduces new personalization Lock Screen features including widgets, new iMessage features such as Mark as Unread and edit or delete sent messages, new Focus filters, plus unique ways to use Share, Play, and more. The IOS 16 also includes an iCloud Shared Photos Library with a Fitness app that doesn’t demand an Apple Watch to use.

Until it officially launches, here are some recommendations for the best apps for iPhone, some productivity software, and a bunch of security software to protect your iPhone from hacking, threats, malware attacks, etc. Or if you love to take photos to make stunning videos, here is our list of best photo editing software that will help you grow your creativity.

Which iPhone will get iOS 16?

Apple’s recently revealed ‌iOS 16‌ operating system is compatible with those iPhones that can run iOS 15, but it does fall support some older devices, such as iPhone SE, ‌iPhone‌ 6s & 6s Plus, iPod touch, and ‌‌iPhone‌‌ 7 & ‌7 Plus. Here’s the list of compatible devices. Here is a list of iPhones that 

  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • ‌iPhone 13‌ mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11‌ Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • ‌iPhone‌ XS
  • ‌iPhone‌ XS Max
  • ‌iPhone‌ XR
  • ‌iPhone‌ X
  • ‌iPhone‌ 8
  • ‌iPhone‌ 8 Plus
  • ‌iPhone SE‌ (2nd generation and later)

The latest IOS 16 features you must know before using it

The latest IOS 16 features you must know

As we all noticed after the grand launch of the iPhone 14 series, there are tons of stunning features are available in the latest IOS 16. So we have created a list of the best ios 16 features together with everything you need to know and how to utilize these features.

So if you’re a new IOS 16 universe, you’ll be amazed after going through this article. Because in the end you can change your iPhone after knowing the latest ios 16 features listed below.

01. Wallpaper and Widgets Customization

The very first IOS 16 features are epic customization options. There are so many different and cool options to choose from in the suggested photos. Once you’ve chosen the picture you want to use, you can actually adjust it a bit to have the time in front or behind your subject. Then the super popular emoji wallpaper that everyone seems to be loving at the moment. I mean for good reason because it is so awesome.

IOS 16 features 1 - Wallpaper and Widgets Customization

You can customize the different emoji options by clicking on the button shown at the top corner of the Emoji section. If you click those three dots, you can actually choose a different background color. Once you’re happy with the background color, you can then choose a different style just by swiping left. So, there are a ton of different ones to choose from out of six styles.

You can also change the front of the clock just by clicking on it. There are six different options to choose from and they’re pretty wicked. You can also change the color just by tapping on one of these pre-selected ones or the rainbow wheel.

If all that wasn’t cool enough, we can even add widgets on your home screen. And I’m so excited to see how this develops over time. So, you can add a battery widget, a weather widget, your fitness tracking widget, etc. When you’re happy with the widgets, don’t forget to swipe left or right to see if there are any other wallpaper options.

02. Auto Cropping

I freaking love these next IOS 16 features called auto-cropping. If you take a picture of anything, and then click and hold down in photos; you’ll notice how it instantly separates your subject from the background. 

IOS 16 features 2 - Auto Cropping
  • So, what you do is just tap and hold on to the picture you want to cut out. You’ll actually see it trace the outline which is so cool. Then click share.
  • Now tap on Save Image and what this will actually do is save that cutout as a freaking Png image. It’s literally that simple and if you zoom in, the lines are actually really crisp.

Even if you have a fairly busy picture with a lot going on, you can still do this. But you will sometimes see it doesn’t always work the best.  I mean you can take pictures of catches, dogs, people, chairs, just about anything you can think of and completely remove that background.

03. Upgraded Photos App

The photos app also got three major editions that are just super sweet. The first one is to do with editing. So, if you select any picture in the photo application, and then add some saturation or contrast whatever type of style it is you like. Now what you can do is click on those three dots and say copy edits. Then you can go and select any picture in your gallery and click on those three little dots at the bottom of the gallery. And paste that exact same edit to all those pictures in one go. 

This is such a useful feature on IOS 16 features list because I actually really enjoy editing my pictures in the Photos App editor. So, this is kind of a big deal.

The second one is equally amazing. If you’re in the Albums tab and scroll right down to the bottom you will see this new option that says duplicates. Here it shows you every single image or video you have a duplicate of. So, if you click merge it’ll get rid of the duplicates but keep the highest quality picture or video.

Luckily you can’t select all of them at once, but if tap on click merge, in a couple of seconds it’ll do its thing to get rid of them. I probably would have sat for about a decade trying to get rid of those ones by one. And then by far the best update in photos is the hidden and recently deleted albums are now permanently locked. You can only unlock them with your phone passcode or face id.

04. Keyboard Vibration option

The keyboard vibration option is one of the most awaited features that comes with the IOS 16 features. I cannot believe it took this long to arrive but thank you apple gods incredible we now have it. Okay so check this out you’re going to want to do this head into settings then down to sound and haptics. Then click on Keyboard Feedback and there you’ll find Haptics. That’s right, we finally have typing vibrations.

So, whether you open WhatsApp or Notes or your Emails I don’t know where it is you like to type. But when you use the keyboard, those satisfying keyboard vibrations every time.

05. A new look of iMessage

IOS 16 features 5 - A new look of iMessage

iMessage received some brilliant updates because now if you send a message and decide to not send that, you actually can. Just tap and hold down the message then click undo send and it undoes its sending.

Similarly, if you want you can just edit the sent message by tapping and holding down and clicking the edit button. Then make your correction and when you’re done just click that blue tick and your message will officially be edited.

06. Apple Medication

Apple Medication

Here’s a quick fact, did you know around 66% of adults take prescription medication? So, I have to take my hats off to Apple for these iOS 16 features. If you head into the Health Application and click on that browse icon, you will see this new option that says Medication. This honestly is just so smart because now keep track of all the medicine or vitamins you need to take on a daily basis. You can add your medication in two ways. Just take a picture of it or you can manually just type it in.

This is where this application gets even better because you can set reminders for what time of the day you need to take a specific medication. As you guys can imagine there are so many different options and variables to choose from, but now most importantly when you receive a medication reminder and tap on it; you’ll be reminded of what you should be taking as well as the dosage and you can pop in whether you’ve taken it or not. It also keeps a log of every single time you’ve taken your medication. 

07. Improved Dictation

I never use dictation on my iPhone simply because of this one missing feature until now. With the previous IOS, you didn’t really have grammar correction and you couldn’t even say emojis. But now with the new update, it allows using both that everyone is waiting for.

Let me show you an example. If I ask a question like, are you Anto’s Web’s articles? It should add to all the grammar question marks you name it. So, as you can see this update makes a pretty big difference.

08. Thumb Search

To be honest, whoever decided on these iOS 16 features at apple needs a raise because I love it. You’ll find the brand-new search button called the bam on the home screen. I surprisingly use it a lot.

It’s just in such a smart spot and looks at how easy. You can access it just swipe back home, click that button and you’re already searching.

If you want to search for something, click the search button. It’s just in such an intuitive spot and the spotlight is even smarter because it searches through apps, emails, maps, notes, contacts, messages, and safaris all with a simple thumbs-up.

09. Detailed Weather Data

I don’t know how many of you use a weather app, but it got a big update if you know where to look in IOS 16 features. In the weather app, you can now select a day and then get a bunch more information for every hour of every day for the next 10 days. 

So if you are planning on having a beautiful picnic with four-kilometer wind speeds, a UV index of six at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and a 10% chance of rain, now you can. 

10. Video text coping option

IOS 16 features 10 - Video text coping option

By now I’m pretty sure you know that you can extract text from any picture. But it’s been taken to a whole new level in IOS 16 features. Because if you have a video and that video has any text in it; you can just pause at any point, tap and highlight the text, and just like that it has extracted everything from a video.

I’m sorry but that’s kind of a big deal. It’s also really accurate and this honestly blew my mind. So anytime you need to copy some text, just take a video of it. The last important thing is it can also extract handwritten text.

11. Maps and Pit Stops

IOS 16 features 11 - Maps and Pit Stops

In IOS 16 features list, Apple Maps received this brand-new feature that 99% of us will actually use. If you’re planning a long road trip or any destination for that matter. Once you swipe up under directions, you’ll see add stops.

As the name would suggest, you can add any stop along the way you just type in the destination and you can add as many stops as you want. You can also reposition the stops in the right order, I mean that would be a bit of a disaster if you couldn’t.

Then just click a go and you’re good to go. This is just perfect for long-ass road trips or short ones. It’s actually good for a lot of things.

12. Custom Sound Reorganization

IOS 16 features 12 - Custom Sound Reorganization

These IOS 16 features are actually very unique. If you head into accessibility and scroll down to sound recognition; which is not new. But if you go into sound recognition, you will now see these options that say custom alarm and custom appliance or doorbell.

What that means is you can actually add a custom sound to sound recognition. So if you have a custom appliance or doorbell that you want to add to sound recognition; just run through the setup process and it’ll show you exactly what to do.

It’s super simple and in a couple of seconds, it’s added. if for example, I want to get a notification on my phone when my air fryer is finished. Sound recognition will alert me when I didn’t hear it because my iPhone did. You can set up any number of doorbells or appliances and this is so useful if you wear headphones a lot or are a bit hard of hearing.

IOS 16 features: Quick Tips

  • On to some nifty tips every time you click the share button, you now have the option to save anything to quick notes. Then at any time you can just click on the note’s application, right at the top you’ll see quick notes and any important links or photos will be right there.
  • Under your accessibility settings, you also have the option to enable live captions. As soon as this is on, you’ll see the live captions icon appear on your home screen. Once you tap on it it’ll activate and if you click the mic icon, you can listen to everything that is being said around you. 
  • In wi-fi settings, once you have connected to a specific wi-fi, you can just click on the password and now see the password. It makes it so much easier to connect to other devices or even just share it with friends.
  • AirPods have received their very own settings tab front and center you don’t need to go through Bluetooth settings and all that jazz anymore to change things up. 

How to find your iPhone model?

As Apple mentioned, the latest IOS 16 will support only the above iPhone 8 models, so it is important to know the iPhone model you’re currently using to experience IOS 16 features. Suppose (because you’re a dam ass for not knowing iPhone’s model) you’re unsure what ‌iPhone‌ model you have, so to check it, go to Settings -> General -> About, and you’ll find the device’s model name.

However, you can also check the current IOS version of your device by simply going to Settings -> Software Update. If there is an update available on your ‌iPhone‌, it will notify you here.

‌iOS 16‌ will be officially released at the end of 2022, likely around October, but you can check back here in the Settings app when the new update is officially launched to ensure your ‌iPhone‌ stays up-to-date with all the latest IOS 16 features.

With the above-listed iOS 16 features, you can design, customize or monetize your iPhone on your own. Or is there anything that you want to know but didn’t find in this article, feel free to ask anything related to IOS, macOS, Windows, or any other tech-related queries; we’ll get back to you with the exact solution you need.

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